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my offer: Should you want to, I'm going to read what you write for daily and write 1 toot in response. subject to time availability on my part, first-come first-served, ~1h per day. English, Japanese, German, Spanish/Portuguese/Galician. you have my encouragement to ask for feedback if I forget abt it.

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I don't talk too often about this not because it's cringe, I mean look at my (vaguely gestures towards herselves) everything, but rather cos I know how many of you had to deal with toxic positivity. But I feel pretty strongly about this: good things are good actually.

I am an agent of love on earth,
I am of life and not death,
of freedom not walls,
of laugh and joy and song.
That's what this body is made of.

Yes the rot in the field is holy, but only because it brings life, only because of life, for life. Yes death is absolute: so when there's, impossibly, life, this burst of light in the void, I'll dance to her and I'll sing. I am of yes and not no, yes to all this to existence I say: Yes.

This is my credo and my faith: Spirit makes itself animal in order to experience what can only be experienced as animal: not to learn, not to evolve, not to pay for sins, but in order to just vibe.

Bad things are not there as a test or ordeal. Nobody deserves them. It's just misaligned frequencies. We fight, not because anybody told us to, but to get the song vibin'. This world is a paradise. To the extent that it does not look paradisiacal, things are being done wrong, paths are blocked. So we open them, not as a job but in the joy of rebellion. Fascists want us dead. So I'll live to a hundred eight very well lived years and spit on their graves, and when I do it I'll be laughing.

I'm the pretty warrior of love and justice, trans mom 🌙

(cw for photo: eye contact)

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Lyrics translation 

My samba will soothe your heartbreak
My samba came shake you awake
My samba can't rest with you so sad
My samba is a salve when hurt bad
My samba will seduce her to dancing
This is the right samba for you to sing.

My samba
is of life and not death.
My samba
came bringing good fortune
and celebrating all beautiful things
my samba doesn't despise what's unique
my samba will touch upon the transcendent
my samba is of bossa,
not shrieking.

My samba I was glad to defend.
I trust the pleasures of the night
Will know to crown it high
I offer it to the true bambas
Who live atop the urban hills
I ask your blessings to pass by

I offer it to the true bambas
Who live atop the urban hills
I ask your blessings to pass by.

(Maria Rita, "Samba of mine")


Bossa: A Brazilian song genre, know to be soft and serene.

Bamba: Expert, legit, the real deal (kimbundu: mbamba).

Hills: The favela communities.

Ask for blessings: In Brazilian culture, a form of showing respect to the elderly and ancestors.

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"silly" is a word I use a lot. it’s one of my favourite English words, one I miss when speaking other languages. it's a thing I like being, it's a thing I like seeing, and it's a way to describe this thing that is not ableist or based on white pseudoscience like "intelligence".

even historically, unlike most related terms, it's not a slur against disabled or neurodiv people. it comes from 'happy, blissful; kind, good'. Proto-Germanic *sēliz. (ugla I know you’re reading this, it’s sæll/säll).

it is cousin to 'console' and 'solace'.

it is the name of the Seelie.

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> Something that worked for me was imagining that where I wanted to be [a fiction writer etc.] was a mountain. A distant mountain. My goal.

> And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain I would be all right. And when I truly was not sure what to do, I could stop, and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.


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vegan cw ask, :boost_ok:​ 

TL;DR: CW animal products, including milk/honey/leather/wool/etc., including text.

That's the ask. I’ll just speak bluntly for the rest of this toot; please avoid reading it if the bitter tone is not good for you.


CW is the big one. CW your food posts for food, for the sake of people with eating issues and the like. But also mark them as nonvegan, meat, milk or however you prefer to word it. CW text-only posts talking about those things.

including milk, please. especially milk, please. there’s a reason for the vegan saying ‘dairy is the cruelest of all’. being reminded of what’s being done to dairy cows and their babies as we speak can ruin my mood for the rest of the day. on a vulnerable day it can, and has, more than once, reduced me to a blubbering crying mess. just tag it.

(fellow vegans: it is useful to CW food posts as "vegan" because so many people fail to mark animal abuse that I usually avoid clicking "food" toots, unless I know the person to be vegan.)

please also CW selfies or photos with things made of animal bodies, or things taken from animals, like animal leather, wool, horn, honey, beeswax etc. and CW animals in conditions of exploitation, like farm animals.

I’m not triggered by those things. It’s not abuse done to _me_ after all, I hold the speciesist privilege like all of us. I’m not disgusted or squeamish either, that’s not how any of this works. When I look at a photo with an animal product, I’m not looking at a piece of animal tissue and going ‘ew, gooey’. I’m looking at a nightmare machine of entirely unnecessary exploitation and pain, at a powerful ideological system wrapped around it to normalise it. I’m thinking of what was done to a living, feeling, sensitive being (or, in the case of milk, to a family) to produce that thing, and then trying to multiply it in my head times 990 million cows or 23 billion chickens etc. I can't help myself from doing the algebra of integer times pain. I’m thinking of what happens to human workers in the animal industry. I can’t turn it _off_, once I learned to see processes I can’t unsee them. I’m looking at my own impotence to make this absurd situation just stop, stop, at my own guilt to just carry on with life as if this inconceivable maelstrom of 100% avoidable, unbearable suffering didn’t matter.

So it’s a little bit depressing.


The other peeves are just terminological quibbles and not super important or anything, I understand why people say that and I take it in stride, they just reflect common misconceptions.

• Not "vegan diet". It's not a diet. Plant-based is a diet. Veganism is an ethical position; it's the observation that all beings capable of suffering are moral subjects. It’s no more a diet than ‘Kantian consequentialism’ or ‘Vedic nītiśāstra’. Reducing it to diet is already taken for granted the objectification of other animals which is just the point in question.

- Not "dietary restriction" either. If I don’t rob candy from a child I’m not restricting my diet, I’m trying to be a good person. Not eating honey robbed from bees is literally, exactly, exactly, the same.

- Not "you can/can’t eat this?" It’s not that I can’t eat a thing, it’s that I don’t want to.

- Not "but isn’t X is worse for global warming" (soy farming, palmtree industry etc.).

As it happens, the animal industry is terrible for the environment, and eating plants is a much more efficient use of resources (necessarily, because of trophic loss). If you think this or that form of animal exploitation is better for the environment chances are it’s capitalist propaganda and will turn out to be wrong upon examination. Even if we are thinking purely of saving humanity from the looming catastrophe, stopping animal exploitation is about the best measure we can take.

But this is just a happy coincidence. Even if it was the other way around and killing or enslaving other animals could save millions, it would be still wrong. The self-interest of humans, however aligned to it, is not the reason why it’s wrong. (In this hypothetical scenario, if we _had_ to choose, then I wouldn’t blame people for choosing self-preservation at the expense of other lives. But then the task would be to find out ways to get the necessary resources without all the killing. In our reality, that step is already given, all we needed was to figure out B12 production and that's long been solved.)

I don’t argue vegan stuff and I don’t ask for arguments, but leaving that aside, to bring me ecological (or, even worse, nutritional) arguments is to miss the point.

> Stannis: I know the cost! […] If Joffrey should die... what is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?
> Davos: Everything.

(A Song of Ice and Fire)

ok going to go with, so starting tomorrow all toots here will be slowly deleted x3 account is staying up as admin but won't be checking often, ping me on matrix/telegram/signal if you need a block or s/t!

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my archive is ready but _how_ does one delete all toots while keeping the account on :thounking:

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hi, it's us. for safety reasons we're going to delete most of our internet stuff. this account is staying up but not the toots. people who want to chat please do so over secure channels. thanks for your support o/

and with this 👆 I believe we make good on the promise of explaining the wrist tattoo which we made like 2 months ago ahahah

status update, mental health, relationships, porn (absence of), eye contact in selfie 


conflicts vs. the world, eye contact in selfie 

some of my Instagram material re: been a mood for a week. wrote these after 2 conflict-y plenums back-to-back.

8th Duel commentary, Utena S01E12 spoilers 

Why we fight? Utena says she wants to care for Anthy better than Tōga ever would. She came for her "friendship", for Anthy, maybe. But Tōga replies, oh, so you want to regain your own self. Utena doesn't deny that, and in fact claims later that she wants to recover, literally, "what had been for me the normal"(rendered on the subs as "to take back my life"),

Tōga orders Anthy to "throw away her body", and extends the Sword of the Patriarch-God. Anthy kneels before the elegant longsword and brings her mouth to it; Utena can't bear to watch. But her body seems unharmed, maybe. Tōga holds upright the Sword, both sparkling gleefully.

Even in her private thoughts, Anthy refers to whoever is the current Owner of the Bride with the honorific of submission, as Master or Mistress. She won't drop the sarcastic "sempai" she has weaponised before, though; she uses the family name with polite distancing.

Duels are a game, ended when you slash a duelist's rose; but Nanami wanted to straight out murder Utena (or at least Nanami thought she did). Anthy can't understand why Utena is risking herself like this. But for all the talk of danger, Tōga seems content to show his prowess by slashing Utena's clothes, exposing her further with each stroke. She seems unharmed, maybe.

Anthy recognises the image of the Prince incarnate in Utena again. In a close repeat of the 1st Duel, again Utena's sword is broken and nearly useless, again she's almost defeated, again all seems hopeless, again she's facing the Sword of Dios Itself, this time engorged full bloom in the hands of a master. And again Utena somehow wins, without understanding herself what she's doing. What is this princely strenght that Utena draws upon? Anthy and Tōga are both exceedingly knowledgeable about this whole system, but both of them are shocked into silence by this.

There's one difference this time: Rather than directly defeating the enemy, what the princely power does is to release the Rose Bride coating from the Sword of Dios. When that happens, Anthy sheds tears.

Anthy repeats the exact same contract of submission as when Utena first won her, as if they hadn't been living together for so long. Utena narrows her eyes and cuts her off, addressing her Bride with pointed familiarity. Then she smiles. Anthy takes this in for a second, then returns the same smile. Utena has saved the damsel from the bad man. Utena has taken back her normalcy. Now she can have all those intimate moments again, just like before. Everything is healed. Everything is fine.

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the problem with hair styles like this is the lack of picrew representation

expectation: we are going to arrive home at 15:00 and do all that urgent stuff for tomorrow

reality: we are going to arrive home at 18:00 and do excessively high-quality poetic translations of very obscure Utena lyrics

mental remark: when staying overnight in a place close by expecting a quick trip back home, prepare to stay 2~3 days with more layers doing long-distance trains

Everyone at this server @ella @lila @erin @mirrorwitch : I can't keep up rn, please be careful and harden your accounts. Feel free to go admin and instance block liberally. I'll be back in a few hours and catch up with fediblock.

tryin to figure out how to explain to kids that my day started with marching against nazis and ended with me 5am crossing Germany impromptu to a place I don't know, chugging along a large tupperware full of water soaking canjica corn, while frenetically blocking teenage trolls from fash instances

other users with admin access on this server, please feel free to block the ones I didn't o/

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- in train stuck
- 4am
- after personal group setting gone bad
- after pol thing gone bad
- didn't bring my notebook
- cellphone broke
- way too much stuff to for work tomorrow
- and on the train playing whack-a-mole with fash harassment campaign to protect me + my users from who know what

what a Saturday huh captain

If you could potentially be harmed or triggered in any way by images of violence and gore linked with the attacks on NB and trans fedi folk right now, I highly suggest you temporarily turn off notifications and DMs from people you don't follow. You can find these settings in your preferences under notifications at the very bottom.

Stay safe.

was at redbubble looking for religious iconography when I found MakeItGayer's art and I was at the fave button like :ablobcatbongo:

look at this motherloving Oshun sailor warrior!!!

and actual sailors too, look at this Saturn omg

what about Sheeva On A Suit! It's Sheeva!! but on a suit!!!!

and also signs, look at their representation of Libra, as a libraest Taurus-asc Libra: Can confirm (Taurus is also ~on spot~)

(context in captions)

more pastel violence, blood 

seriously tho this is amazing art but guillo-chan = Do Not Stan.

now molo-kun and batty-yan are another story altogether :3 :33

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against the logic of the guillotine vs. kawaii 

~ arguments against guillotine fantasies ~

- reproducing the systems we oppose infiltrate their logic into our revolution subverts our revolution from the inside. for all the arguments tankies give about the need to stop counter-revolution, in every single case structural oppression _was_ the counter-revolution.

- people don't like feeling guilty, so we end up rationalising the trauma of inflicting violence, now it's normalised, now it's A Thing We Do

- seize everything from rich people = now they aren't richpeople, problem solved.

- prefiguration is the most pragmatic and effective approach, every social revolution was implemented by prefiguration, even capitalists won over nobility/clergy by prefiguring capitalism til it stuck

- Rojava fought friggin ISIS and they do restorative justice and reject death penalty and they ~won~, what's your excuse

- y'all's gonna guillotine the wrong ppl I guarantee it

- the master's tools can't

- only good use of the Ring is to cast it into the fire

- "yes after the Crimethinc article I just can't..." "yes the Crimethinc article" "sigh"
(the Crimethinc article:

~ arguments for guillotine fantasies ~

- this sticker by Gwenpai

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