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note for marxist leninist maoist castroist chavist china stans etc.: we are not your comrades, your cops kill our folk like all cops, your cops are bastards too and the people's revolutionary reeducation camp burns just as well as any other jail :blobCatBloc:

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what's a travesti? isn't that the same as crossdresser? 

travesti is a Latina transfeminine culture. it is a depreciative term of medicalization, reclaimed as an identity. historically travestis have often presented themselves as a feminine third gender, "neither woman nor man but a travesti godess". with the advent of the gringo trans movement, most now consider themselves to be trans women as well as travestis, which is my case. to paraphrase travesti academic Ana Flor, the travesti identity is not simply a gender identity but a political one; to identify as travesti is to recognise how this particular, localised, highly marginalised street culture shaped our gender expression and self-understanding.

travesti culture has a long history of DIY hormones and street surgeries too, though that's not what makes it an identity. many travestis are, like me, very positive and very sexual about their genitals, and this has been used as "the difference between travestis and trans women" (I think the porn industry still does that, for example). sometimes I see travestis who use the term as "non-genitally-dysphoric trans woman", but most don't, and a lot of travestis opt for a vaginoplasty as soon as they can afford it and who cares what are you a cop?

there's always been a degree of fluidity between male feminine gay boys, crossdressing fetishists, and trans women (in the case of the USA queer history, cf. Sylvia Rivera and the history of the 'T' in S.T.A.R.). in the case of travestis, this fluidity is embraced rather than rigidly legislated; travesti singer Linn da Quebrada identifies as "neither woman nor man, but a fem 'trava'", then as "woman, woman, woman, woman, woman" in the space of 1 minute in a single song—then as "Black favela faggot" in a different song. (and she's lesbian.) despite this relaxed attitude with self-definitions, travesti identity isn't reducible to androsexual effeminacy or the erotic thrill of breaking gender taboos; it's just that almost all of us have been there, and many retain a fondness for it. we don't come from a culture that care so much about policing the boundaries of words (for Flor, the undefinedness of "travesti" is the point).

(photos have captions)

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in lieu of a reintroduction, just the content notes:

- I make lots of vulgar sex/kink jokes and they're not always CW'd
- earnest sexual content is CW'd
- I talk positively about drugs, crime, sugar, sluttery, and girldick
- I'm vegan, stop @'ing me dead animals or stolen milk

and a few magickal amulets to ward off boring ppl:

- you don't need dysphoria to be trans

- dysphoria is real

- non-dysphoric people should have the option of medical transition too, for free

- sex work is work

- non-binary femboy bisexual lesbians are valid

- all cops are bastards, including the People's Communist Revolutionary Cops

- primitivism = ableism = ecofash = fash

- I'm religious

- abolish the family

- yes travestis are not crossdressing fetishists, but crossdressing fetishists are good actually

- public-space cruising was the best thing the gay rights movement achieved, and those of us who are built for that should be proud to honour our ancestors

- things that are wonderful: genders, makeup, fashion, whatever pop music that's trending right now, selfies, furries, horoscope, loud dance clubs, identity politics, pumpkin spice soy lattes

- things that are terrible: linux, open source, meritocracy

- free markets are not just evil but also inefficient and nonsensical

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hi I'm vegan! please don't send me photos of animals being killed or food or products made of killed animals, or by exploiting animals! please don't send me messages about cooking the bodies of animals or methods to kill insects! these are things that make me very sad for the rest of the day! thank you!

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I've uploaded a bunch of recipes and blog posts to gemini:// ! Most of it was posted here, I think. "What’s the point of herbal HRT?" is new, along with the writeup on pueraria.

I recommend a gemini browser to browse the geminispace! The geminispace is so much more chill than the web! But if you want to use a web browser, I set up a web mirror on 🌻

my kid is absolutely brokenhearted that this friend that they liked turned out to be a police informant. in vieeogames. no I mean for real, it really happened in a videogame, none of their 13y/o schoomates has been revealed to be a snitch.

anyway ty game for introducing my kid to the fact that this is a thing

16yo me: Doing things because they're edgy and feel right.
27yo me: Doing the same stuff again somehow but now backed up by theory.

looking punk vs. dealing drugs 

it makes me feel so sorry for them that people so often ask me for cigs or fun drugs and I have none. I would actually carry some with me specifically to share with folks, except knowing myselves I'd prob get addicted to anything within impulsivity distance in like 3 days

*immediately negates the success by forgetting her bag in the train* ugghgh

managed to notice it in time to return to the train before it departed and find the bag, but now I'll have to go from the next stop, and now not only I'll have to travel alone but I'll miss half the festival

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*sprints from subway to train platform and catches the train right as it leaves* wait, how did I do that? 2 weeks ago I couldn't jog 60 seconds to the tram stop :thonking:

ah yeah that's the thing with fitness: diminishing returns work both ways. on the one hand it means professional athletes have to push hard for hours every day to shave off those last few seconds. on the other it means, the more unfit you are, the more fast and dramatic the early improvements.

In the US, companies are under no obligation to honor any request that they stop sending you physical mail. Send them as many requests in as varied a format as you like; they can ignore each and every one.

EXCEPT. If you say "please stop, this mailing made me horny", they are required by federal law to immediately block your address. It doesn't have to be honest or sincere; just saying "your ad turned me on, and I don't like it" is enough. 🌈⭐️

latest batch of itchy games I gave my kid after Meatpunks/Celeste:

- 2064
- Four Horsemen
- A Mortician's Tale
- Heaven Will Be Mine
- Jam And the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion
- Long Gone Days
- Tonight We Riot
- Electric Zine Maker

I'm thrilled that they were immediately interested in Four Horsemen and we can share our experiences of that now, it's such an underrated game. Or maybe it only hits hard when you're an immigrant dunno.

alternatives to “ladies and gentlemen” 


I was thinking "organics and synthetics", but that sounds a bit too much like washing machine settings.

"a picture is worth 1000 words", they say, so make the alt text input field limited to 300 words i guess???? hashtag mastodev

boxing but it's lewd 

I don't know why I never realised this (probably cos I'd never dare train in a cis gym in a miniskirt).

a. you're supposed to twist your hips into those blows.
b. if you're in a miniskirt, hip power = spinny

👉 when working on technique, your correct use of hips is visually tracked by the number of panty flashes

gay people: travel all the way to my house probably expecting like, kink orgies and stuff

me: [going into three hours talking nonstop] …and that's why this thing you see on the Japanese word that came from Tocharian via China is ultimately the same word we have in German or Greek or Persian that is at least a strong suggestion that the mead-drinking Proto-Indo-Europeans must have been between these latitudes, which was independently verified when genetics research develop enough to...

the scariest part in interview with the vampire is when 2 gay vampires are about to kiss but then they dont

when you annoy your german friend 

de bugging

Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

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