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note for marxist leninist maoist castroist chavist china stans etc.: we are not your comrades, your cops kill our folk like all cops, your cops are bastards too and the people's revolutionary reeducation camp burns just as well as any other jail :blobCatBloc:

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what's a travesti? isn't that the same as crossdresser? 

travesti is a Latina transfeminine culture. it is a depreciative term of medicalization, reclaimed as an identity. historically travestis have often presented themselves as a feminine third gender, "neither woman nor man but a travesti godess". with the advent of the gringo trans movement, most now consider themselves to be trans women as well as travestis, which is my case. to paraphrase travesti academic Ana Flor, the travesti identity is not simply a gender identity but a political one; to identify as travesti is to recognise how this particular, localised, highly marginalised street culture shaped our gender expression and self-understanding.

travesti culture has a long history of DIY hormones and street surgeries too, though that's not what makes it an identity. many travestis are, like me, very positive and very sexual about their genitals, and this has been used as "the difference between travestis and trans women" (I think the porn industry still does that, for example). sometimes I see travestis who use the term as "non-genitally-dysphoric trans woman", but most don't, and a lot of travestis opt for a vaginoplasty as soon as they can afford it and who cares what are you a cop?

there's always been a degree of fluidity between male feminine gay boys, crossdressing fetishists, and trans women (in the case of the USA queer history, cf. Sylvia Rivera and the history of the 'T' in S.T.A.R.). in the case of travestis, this fluidity is embraced rather than rigidly legislated; travesti singer Linn da Quebrada identifies as "neither woman nor man, but a fem 'trava'", then as "woman, woman, woman, woman, woman" in the space of 1 minute in a single song—then as "Black favela faggot" in a different song. (and she's lesbian.) despite this relaxed attitude with self-definitions, travesti identity isn't reducible to androsexual effeminacy or the erotic thrill of breaking gender taboos; it's just that almost all of us have been there, and many retain a fondness for it. we don't come from a culture that care so much about policing the boundaries of words (for Flor, the undefinedness of "travesti" is the point).

(photos have captions)

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in lieu of a reintroduction, just the content notes:

- I make lots of vulgar sex/kink jokes and they're not always CW'd
- earnest sexual content is CW'd
- I talk positively about drugs, crime, sugar, sluttery, and girldick
- I'm vegan, stop @'ing me dead animals or stolen milk

and a few magickal amulets to ward off boring ppl:

- you don't need dysphoria to be trans

- dysphoria is real

- non-dysphoric people should have the option of medical transition too, for free

- sex work is work

- non-binary femboy bisexual lesbians are valid

- all cops are bastards, including the People's Communist Revolutionary Cops

- primitivism = ableism = ecofash = fash

- I'm religious

- abolish the family

- yes travestis are not crossdressing fetishists, but crossdressing fetishists are good actually

- public-space cruising was the best thing the gay rights movement achieved, and those of us who are built for that should be proud to honour our ancestors

- things that are wonderful: genders, makeup, fashion, whatever pop music that's trending right now, selfies, furries, horoscope, loud dance clubs, identity politics, pumpkin spice soy lattes

- things that are terrible: linux, open source, meritocracy

- free markets are not just evil but also inefficient and nonsensical

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hi I'm vegan! please don't send me photos of animals being killed or food or products made of killed animals, or by exploiting animals! please don't send me messages about cooking the bodies of animals or methods to kill insects! these are things that make me very sad for the rest of the day! thank you!

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I've uploaded a bunch of recipes and blog posts to gemini:// ! Most of it was posted here, I think. "What’s the point of herbal HRT?" is new, along with the writeup on pueraria.

I recommend a gemini browser to browse the geminispace! The geminispace is so much more chill than the web! But if you want to use a web browser, I set up a web mirror on 🌻

browsing some old photos, found this video essay expressing my opinion on the 1985 buckling spring keyboard IBM Model M (eye contact in clip)

I thought it was some issue with that amusing stack of adapters and connectors, but now I plugged a straightforward micro-pci-e to usb-3 card, a 20-pin header to usb-3 output, and nothing shows up on linux at all. in fact the disks I plug in don't even power up.

maybe the second µpciE slot of the id-11 (that comes up inacessible by default) is just nonfunctional somehow (couldn't find any options on the CMOS either), or maybe there's something I don't understand with the mini-PC having a single PCI lane or sharing it with the graphics card or whatever, or maybe it's just too old and never been used. in any case I'm giving up on this and forking off money I don't have to make my NAS out of a RockPro64 or s/t.

and now I don't have any use for this mini-PC and I have too many servers. but I think I'm gonna pack it with emulators or something and make a gaming linux PC for the kids, it's too old for AAAᴬᴬᵃ games but for snes classics and gay visual novels from should be enough

Bottom surgery, neovaginas 

Hey there babes. So, I recently got my lower gender confirmation surgery in July, and because I have a shallow depth, my physical recovery has been a lot quicker than some folks.

Moreover, I didn’t realize there was an in-between option for bottom surgery. I knew about full depth, and vulvaplasty or no-depth. But shallow depth was never offered until I asked if it was possible. And I feel like that’s a huge oversight because other trans femmes I know want to know how I got it.

I’m a lesbian who isn’t into penetration, so I didn’t have any use for a full depth vagina. I know a lot of folks like me who probably feel the same, and I think it’s important to let people this option exists.

Yesterday, after my dilations, I decided I was going to, very gently, explore with my finger a bit. No play, just feel about. My dilators are the size of fat carrots so a finger isn’t a big deal. And it was cool. Found the end, felt a couple sutures still in there.

But the most incredibly affirming thing was realizing my whole index finger fit inside. Not only did the space feel warm, and like a part of me, but I’m actually a lot deeper than the dilators make it seem, because they’re fucking huge.

A finger or two inside is all I’ve ever wanted. And now I can have that, and it feels like it was always meant to. I don’t have shame and confusion around that part of me anymore. It’s finally fixed.

It was a huge euphoria moment and I just wanted to share it with y’all.


sex, vulgar 

after waking up with their throat around your soft perfumed cock ofc. literally the best alarm in the whole world for girls like me :blobblush:

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it feels so great to be served coffee in the morning by your very own nonbinary communal maid :blobcatlove:

If someone generally and genuinely thinks they’re awesome, that’s not based on an objective standard but it’s also inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. It’s confidence for the self. It’s motivating for the self. It might annoy you hearing someone hype themselves or back themselves… but why?

This goes back to what I said a while ago: you cannot love yourself too much in a world that insists you make yourself as small as possible.

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feminising other people by sharing hormones kink 

(putting lover #1's hands on lover #2's breasts under the maid dress) here, don't they feel nice? (squish) I made them :blobcatverified:

Gemeinsam bleibts warm - Unsere Solidarität gegen ihre Krise!

Im Vorfeld der Kundgebung Samstag lädt das @Oacbo heute ab 18.30 Uhr im SZ #Bochum zum Diskussionsabend bei warmer Suppe.

Kommt vorbei und gestaltet die Aktivitäten gegen die Krise in Bochum selbst mit!

RT @antifa_linke
Gemeinsam bleibts warm - Unsere Solidarität gegen ihre Krise!

Kommt zur Kundgebung gegen Preissteigerungen, Inflation, Ungerechtigkeiten in …

in related news, a bunch of admirers got the possum maid a maid dress. look at how happy they are in proper gender-affirming attire! they + goblin sure did a throughout affirming of my own gender too :chick_love_blush:


frankly I by all rights should get a medal of merit for my endless dedication to undress sexy and fuck cute bottoms even when it's so dang cold

sex, crass meme 

(the gender I speak of is my girlcock)

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in related news, a bunch of admirers got the possum maid a maid dress. look at how happy they are in proper gender-affirming attire! they + goblin sure did a throughout affirming of my own gender too :chick_love_blush:


(if you're a bottom you're cute. sorry I don't make the rules 🤷‍♀️)

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frankly I by all rights should get a medal of merit for my endless dedication to undress sexy and fuck cute bottoms even when it's so dang cold

btw I super welcome suggestions of queer, political, nerd or just generally cool spaces/events/orgs for immigrant teens aged 13-15 in the area :boosts_ok_gay:

kid's phone screen broke.

took this opportunity to
- backup all spicy data on my old, unused Fairphone 2
- reinstall LineageOS Micro G, cleaning up everything in the phone
- reset passwords and authentications on the kid's incipent accounts on my nextcloud and matrix servers
- create accounts or add authentications for a couple partners who been sharing carework plus the other kid
- set up a matrix room for us all
- set up a bunch of shared calendars and folders etc.
- set up both kids' cellphones' netxcloud and davX/icsX calendar syncing
- put maps and transport apps, with the home and school addresses set up in advance
- put a bunch of games on the kids' cellphone as an easter egg

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