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"silly" is a word I use a lot. it’s one of my favourite English words, one I miss when speaking other languages. it's a thing I like being, it's a thing I like seeing, and it's a way to describe this thing that is not ableist or based on white pseudoscience like "intelligence".

even historically, unlike most related terms, it's not a slur against disabled or neurodiv people. it comes from 'happy, blissful; kind, good'. Proto-Germanic *sēliz. (ugla I know you’re reading this, it’s sæll/säll).

it is cousin to 'console' and 'solace'.

it is the name of the Seelie.

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sillypost, mh/meds 

- trans
- girl
- fashion saccharine girly+scene witchy+slutty
- at nearly 40
- sapphic
- catgirl
- likes own tummy
- crop top + tummy + short-shorts
- made-up fake mental condition (adhd) (not actually fake)
- treated with addictive meds
- made-up fake mental condition (multiple identities) (not actually fake)
- proud, refusing pathologisation despite fitting the dsm-v
- works with it within folk mysticism instead
- socialist
- on expensive smartphone
- acquired for makeup selfies
- anarchist
- utopian
- open borders
- bonafide starbucks basic bitch
- makes french press coffee with the wrong grain size
- and puts sugar on it
- goes to sb for fun*
- vegan
- white witch
- doing tarot
- tiktok is good actually**
- provokes men on clubs then says no
- claims to be possessed, otherkin+religious rolled into one
- religious, not "spiritual agnostic"
- anti-free-speech, wants to censor Linux
- uses "wrong" punctuation***
- latinx immigrant
- who uses the word "latinx"
- on social benefits (soon)
- fantasy > sci-fi
- women, queer, Black fantasy/sci-fi > classics
- actively corrupting the English language
- supports animal rights activism
- including property destruction
- especially property destruction
- into sexualised pop dances

we continue in our journey to be the physical embodiment of everything techbros hate :blobcatfluffowo:

* not during covid
** the creators, the platform is trash
*** on purpose don't tell them sshh

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> Something that worked for me was imagining that where I wanted to be [a fiction writer etc.] was a mountain. A distant mountain. My goal.

> And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain I would be all right. And when I truly was not sure what to do, I could stop, and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.


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vegan cw ask, :boost_ok:​ 

TL;DR: CW animal products, including milk/honey/leather/wool/etc., including text.

That's the ask. I’ll just speak bluntly for the rest of this toot; please avoid reading it if the bitter tone is not good for you.


CW is the big one. CW your food posts for food, for the sake of people with eating issues and the like. But also mark them as nonvegan, meat, milk or however you prefer to word it. CW text-only posts talking about those things.

including milk, please. especially milk, please. there’s a reason for the vegan saying ‘dairy is the cruelest of all’. being reminded of what’s being done to dairy cows and their babies as we speak can ruin my mood for the rest of the day. on a vulnerable day it can, and has, more than once, reduced me to a blubbering crying mess. just tag it.

(fellow vegans: it is useful to CW food posts as "vegan" because so many people fail to mark animal abuse that I usually avoid clicking "food" toots, unless I know the person to be vegan.)

please also CW selfies or photos with things made of animal bodies, or things taken from animals, like animal leather, wool, horn, honey, beeswax etc. and CW animals in conditions of exploitation, like farm animals.

I’m not triggered by those things. It’s not abuse done to _me_ after all, I hold the speciesist privilege like all of us. I’m not disgusted or squeamish either, that’s not how any of this works. When I look at a photo with an animal product, I’m not looking at a piece of animal tissue and going ‘ew, gooey’. I’m looking at a nightmare machine of entirely unnecessary exploitation and pain, at a powerful ideological system wrapped around it to normalise it. I’m thinking of what was done to a living, feeling, sensitive being (or, in the case of milk, to a family) to produce that thing, and then trying to multiply it in my head times 990 million cows or 23 billion chickens etc. I can't help myself from doing the algebra of integer times pain. I’m thinking of what happens to human workers in the animal industry. I can’t turn it _off_, once I learned to see processes I can’t unsee them. I’m looking at my own impotence to make this absurd situation just stop, stop, at my own guilt to just carry on with life as if this inconceivable maelstrom of 100% avoidable, unbearable suffering didn’t matter.

So it’s a little bit depressing.


The other peeves are just terminological quibbles and not super important or anything, I understand why people say that and I take it in stride, they just reflect common misconceptions.

• Not "vegan diet". It's not a diet. Plant-based is a diet. Veganism is an ethical position; it's the observation that all beings capable of suffering are moral subjects. It’s no more a diet than ‘Kantian consequentialism’ or ‘Vedic nītiśāstra’. Reducing it to diet is already taken for granted the objectification of other animals which is just the point in question.

- Not "dietary restriction" either. If I don’t rob candy from a child I’m not restricting my diet, I’m trying to be a good person. Not eating honey robbed from bees is literally, exactly, exactly, the same.

- Not "you can/can’t eat this?" It’s not that I can’t eat a thing, it’s that I don’t want to.

- Not "but isn’t X is worse for global warming" (soy farming, palmtree industry etc.).

As it happens, the animal industry is terrible for the environment, and eating plants is a much more efficient use of resources (necessarily, because of trophic loss). If you think this or that form of animal exploitation is better for the environment chances are it’s capitalist propaganda and will turn out to be wrong upon examination. Even if we are thinking purely of saving humanity from the looming catastrophe, stopping animal exploitation is about the best measure we can take.

But this is just a happy coincidence. Even if it was the other way around and killing or enslaving other animals could save millions, it would be still wrong. The self-interest of humans, however aligned to it, is not the reason why it’s wrong. (In this hypothetical scenario, if we _had_ to choose, then I wouldn’t blame people for choosing self-preservation at the expense of other lives. But then the task would be to find out ways to get the necessary resources without all the killing. In our reality, that step is already given, all we needed was to figure out B12 production and that's long been solved.)

I don’t argue vegan stuff and I don’t ask for arguments, but leaving that aside, to bring me ecological (or, even worse, nutritional) arguments is to miss the point.

> Stannis: I know the cost! […] If Joffrey should die... what is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?
> Davos: Everything.

(A Song of Ice and Fire)

* Pynk Spots, "How to be Productive as a Disabled, Chronically Ill, and/or Neurodivergent Person"

"I hate the word. I hate the entire concept. I think it’s rooted in meritocracy, I think it orients people’s self-value around what their bodies can produce for the State. I am defining 'productivity' as a violent capitalist concept against us, and our need to be productive as a need to survive, as an intent to survive, in a system that treats us with violence." "So don't worry, I haven't sold out."

You know what kind of advice this will be, but it’s good advice, and it’s always comforting and empowering to hear how other people manage problems similar to yours.

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and one more piece of artwork I can't resist posting: an alternate poster for fav movie Bacurau, foregrounding the genderqueer cangaceira guerilla Lunga.

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source is Hugo’s Facebook .

some more cool stuff from it:

- the artist talking about the project with Candomblé priests to an audience of devotees and children,
- a watercolour of Oxum,
- a watercolour of Iansã by Robson Moura,
- a watercolour of Iemanjá by Paulo Torino.

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this is so rad, check it out: The Orisha pantheon portrayed in a similar style as Kirby did gods in classic Marvel comics. From Hugo Canuto’s "Orisha Tales" project.

the iconography is rich and well-researched, leveraging traditional symbols in creative ways. I hope we see more Orisha, Nkisi and other African entities in pop culture more often.

selected a few I’m most emotional about and who have been present in my life:

Ogum smith-warrior, Eshu-brother, won’t save you will make you strong,

Oyá, Iansã of the thunder, sword-dancer in the gale-winds,

Iemanjá fish-mother, dona Janaína, Queen beneath the Sea, your single mom who will set your right,

and beautiful Oxum of the river, sweet young-mother, who loves adoration as much as gold, whose big yellow eyes cry easily but miss nothing.


its always so weird to me how the fash pleromans are always like
"oh is this an attack against shitposting??? what do you have against software!? do you hate when people have fun??"

like damn imagine caring about fucking Software and shitposts so much

"silly" is a word I use a lot. it’s one of my favourite English words, one I miss when speaking other languages. it's a thing I like being, it's a thing I like seeing, and it's a way to describe this thing that is not ableist or based on white pseudoscience like "intelligence".

even historically, unlike most related terms, it's not a slur against disabled or neurodiv people. it comes from 'happy, blissful; kind, good'. Proto-Germanic *sēliz. (ugla I know you’re reading this, it’s sæll/säll).

it is cousin to 'console' and 'solace'.

it is the name of the Seelie.

whenever i see someone being affectionate my impulse is to call them gay. i forgot straight people exist

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

did I reply to her email too fast? did I come off as too thirsty or creepy? I was honest abt how great the last conversation was, but maybe my enthusiasm sounded insincere. I'm just eager for this to move forward, you know? get down to it? but what if she found my weird online stuff and decided to drop me for good? uff waiting for her reply is killing me.

this job search thing is a lot harder than dating >.>

transition goals + 

honestly transition goals got a lot more rewarding to think about after I realised the women I admire the most in the world are trans women. I want to be one of the girls someday, whoops you’re already there without even doing anything.

also passing got a lot more approachable when I realised the people I care the most about passing _for_ are trans and queer darlings, for whom me successfully passing is a function of saying 'hi I'm a girl' 01 times.

synthesiser folks: does anyone actually know what the sonic difference is between the SKULPT and the SKULPTsynth SE? i know what the price difference is - the SE is suddenly £100 cheaper - but i don't know why, or why i would buy the SE if i already have a SKULPT

do you know the 'transition goals' feeling, that feeling you have when you look at a celebrity or anime character and feel a surge of lightning in you screaming without words, "that!, that's who I am, that's who I'm supposed to be, that's who I wish I was."?

Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean causes in me the religious equivalent of this gender feeling.

Anyone looking for a room in #Vienna (… the one in Austria) and up for intentional community?

My living collective is looking for 2 new folx. Both short term (two months to one semester) and long term is possible, starting from July or later (someone is moving out then, someone else in autumn, we're guessing it will be a "short term roomie over the summer, then two for long term" kind of situation, let's see).

aaand I put academic references, uggh, why did I do that >.>

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added some illustrations to this writeup, even if you read it already I'd gently suggest peeking at the photos they're cool queers and I love them <3

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re: ph, hrt 

would anyone in berlin be willing to do my injection for me?
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Personal server for trans moms <3