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"silly" is a word I use a lot. it’s one of my favourite English words, one I miss when speaking other languages. it's a thing I like being, it's a thing I like seeing, and it's a way to describe this thing that is not ableist or based on white pseudoscience like "intelligence".

even historically, unlike most related terms, it's not a slur against disabled or neurodiv people. it comes from 'happy, blissful; kind, good'. Proto-Germanic *sēliz. (ugla I know you’re reading this, it’s sæll/säll).

it is cousin to 'console' and 'solace'.

it is the name of the Seelie.

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sillypost, mh/meds 

- trans
- girl
- fashion saccharine girly+scene witchy+slutty
- at nearly 40
- sapphic
- catgirl
- likes own tummy
- crop top + tummy + short-shorts
- made-up fake mental condition (adhd) (not actually fake)
- treated with addictive meds
- made-up fake mental condition (multiple identities) (not actually fake)
- proud, refusing pathologisation despite fitting the dsm-v
- works with it within folk mysticism instead
- socialist
- on expensive smartphone
- acquired for makeup selfies
- anarchist
- utopian
- open borders
- bonafide starbucks basic bitch
- makes french press coffee with the wrong grain size
- and puts sugar on it
- goes to sb for fun*
- vegan
- white witch
- doing tarot
- tiktok is good actually**
- provokes men on clubs then says no
- claims to be possessed, otherkin+religious rolled into one
- religious, not "spiritual agnostic"
- anti-free-speech, wants to censor Linux
- uses "wrong" punctuation***
- latinx immigrant
- who uses the word "latinx"
- on social benefits (soon)
- fantasy > sci-fi
- women, queer, Black fantasy/sci-fi > classics
- actively corrupting the English language
- supports animal rights activism
- including property destruction
- especially property destruction
- into sexualised pop dances

we continue in our journey to be the physical embodiment of everything techbros hate :blobcatfluffowo:

* not during covid
** the creators, the platform is trash
*** on purpose don't tell them sshh

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> Something that worked for me was imagining that where I wanted to be [a fiction writer etc.] was a mountain. A distant mountain. My goal.

> And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain I would be all right. And when I truly was not sure what to do, I could stop, and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.


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vegan cw ask, :boost_ok:​ 

TL;DR: CW animal products, including milk/honey/leather/wool/etc., including text.

That's the ask. I’ll just speak bluntly for the rest of this toot; please avoid reading it if the bitter tone is not good for you.


CW is the big one. CW your food posts for food, for the sake of people with eating issues and the like. But also mark them as nonvegan, meat, milk or however you prefer to word it. CW text-only posts talking about those things.

including milk, please. especially milk, please. there’s a reason for the vegan saying ‘dairy is the cruelest of all’. being reminded of what’s being done to dairy cows and their babies as we speak can ruin my mood for the rest of the day. on a vulnerable day it can, and has, more than once, reduced me to a blubbering crying mess. just tag it.

(fellow vegans: it is useful to CW food posts as "vegan" because so many people fail to mark animal abuse that I usually avoid clicking "food" toots, unless I know the person to be vegan.)

please also CW selfies or photos with things made of animal bodies, or things taken from animals, like animal leather, wool, horn, honey, beeswax etc. and CW animals in conditions of exploitation, like farm animals.

I’m not triggered by those things. It’s not abuse done to _me_ after all, I hold the speciesist privilege like all of us. I’m not disgusted or squeamish either, that’s not how any of this works. When I look at a photo with an animal product, I’m not looking at a piece of animal tissue and going ‘ew, gooey’. I’m looking at a nightmare machine of entirely unnecessary exploitation and pain, at a powerful ideological system wrapped around it to normalise it. I’m thinking of what was done to a living, feeling, sensitive being (or, in the case of milk, to a family) to produce that thing, and then trying to multiply it in my head times 990 million cows or 23 billion chickens etc. I can't help myself from doing the algebra of integer times pain. I’m thinking of what happens to human workers in the animal industry. I can’t turn it _off_, once I learned to see processes I can’t unsee them. I’m looking at my own impotence to make this absurd situation just stop, stop, at my own guilt to just carry on with life as if this inconceivable maelstrom of 100% avoidable, unbearable suffering didn’t matter.

So it’s a little bit depressing.


The other peeves are just terminological quibbles and not super important or anything, I understand why people say that and I take it in stride, they just reflect common misconceptions.

• Not "vegan diet". It's not a diet. Plant-based is a diet. Veganism is an ethical position; it's the observation that all beings capable of suffering are moral subjects. It’s no more a diet than ‘Kantian consequentialism’ or ‘Vedic nītiśāstra’. Reducing it to diet is already taken for granted the objectification of other animals which is just the point in question.

- Not "dietary restriction" either. If I don’t rob candy from a child I’m not restricting my diet, I’m trying to be a good person. Not eating honey robbed from bees is literally, exactly, exactly, the same.

- Not "you can/can’t eat this?" It’s not that I can’t eat a thing, it’s that I don’t want to.

- Not "but isn’t X is worse for global warming" (soy farming, palmtree industry etc.).

As it happens, the animal industry is terrible for the environment, and eating plants is a much more efficient use of resources (necessarily, because of trophic loss). If you think this or that form of animal exploitation is better for the environment chances are it’s capitalist propaganda and will turn out to be wrong upon examination. Even if we are thinking purely of saving humanity from the looming catastrophe, stopping animal exploitation is about the best measure we can take.

But this is just a happy coincidence. Even if it was the other way around and killing or enslaving other animals could save millions, it would be still wrong. The self-interest of humans, however aligned to it, is not the reason why it’s wrong. (In this hypothetical scenario, if we _had_ to choose, then I wouldn’t blame people for choosing self-preservation at the expense of other lives. But then the task would be to find out ways to get the necessary resources without all the killing. In our reality, that step is already given, all we needed was to figure out B12 production and that's long been solved.)

I don’t argue vegan stuff and I don’t ask for arguments, but leaving that aside, to bring me ecological (or, even worse, nutritional) arguments is to miss the point.

> Stannis: I know the cost! […] If Joffrey should die... what is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?
> Davos: Everything.

(A Song of Ice and Fire)

what if

what if we make the connect the pppoe, I know how to do that.

in fact, what if we stick a nice wifi dongle antenna in it and let the raspi be the router AP DHCP DNS everything

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MH, I know a lot of you are struggling lately 

You're not alone. This life is hard, and MH issues don't always care where we're at, how good things are or how hard we try, and that just sucks.

Struggling sucks.

But you're not struggling alone. We're all trying to figure things out, and I'm glad that I get to see you all every day regardless of how bad a day you're having. I want to know how youre doing, so please keep talking about things. It's good to talk about them, and you're not doing anything bad or making anything worse by talking about it. On the contrary, it's comforting sometimes when we find that the feelings we have are shared by others or find a new way to express something we couldn't quite articulate before.

You are loved even when your brain won't let you feel like it. I'm glad that you're here, and I wouldn't be following you if I wasn't. :dragnheart:

trying to get rid of my dual NAT setup. I already managed to find out Telekom's mysterious PPPoE parameters and connect directly on laptop. Problem is, my router (running / firmware) is lacking the pppoe kernel module.

this was driving me crazy, nothing I tried managed to make it appear for opkg, till I finally understood—gluon uses the generic OpenWRT repos for most stuff, but the kernel doesn't mix. I tried another Freifunk community's opkg repo but the kernel version is incompatible. as far as I can tell, my city's firmware doesn't provide add-on packages…

I was tempted already to update our gluon, I want l2tp support too.

vegan food, cooking 

was a bit of an experiment but celery stir-fried with chilli as the oil flavouring works really well

was fun to console self with all these outfits and gadgets but back to budgeting harder I guess!

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oh hey first salary is there let's take a look how much concrete money we get after discounts... oh.

(mentally subtracts various support money)
(mentally account for plane tickets x 4 / estimated time for children's immigration)
(mentally estimates expenses with moving etc)

hey turns out I'm not wealthy

"hmm so we need to add cgroup_enable=memory to the commandline.txt to use lxc. let's add a kernel parameter, what's the worst that could happen"

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realised my raspi is doing double duty, working things I want to be in a DMZ (mastodon, backup/monitoring of transmom and other external servers) and things that are very internal (zigbee, NMS, backup/monitoring of personal devices).

was tempted to buy another :3 but honestly the raspi is pretty underwhelmed by his duties and can take more. so I'm going to make him plural instead~ and add a container.

only thing is, 'paopao' (=toottoot) is the name for a mastodon server. so the container will take this name. I need a new name for the household server.

after a lot of pondering I'll be going with nisse (cname tontu)

basking in the warm satisfaction of having set up trans mom dot love email services yesterday

the two elilla modes:

- electric scootering through town on LED catgirl ears pulsating to navigation guidance, glorious trans colours outfit with summer dress, thigh-highs and pink boots, makeup hair perfume all on top; and,

- unshaven incommunicable literally all day leaning on a bean bag, t-shirt jeans shorts no panties, hacking at minute colour configurations of her linux commands

An Open Letter Calling for the Resignation of @Gargron from Mastodon Development

@twinkle it's linux. it's a computer where a man gives you pages to read, but he tends to bring a lot of pages so they're hard to read (there's a teal deer that brings easier reads but the man is more famous). and normally all these pages will be paged by a cat, though the cat doesn't wait for you to read so most folk prefer something more paced, or less, some even go for most. but now there's a bat and the bat can make the man pages be colourful so it's very nice (be sure to try it with the new bat, the old bat didn't know so many colours)

I mean sure bat, I _could_ do

set -x MANPAGER "sh -c 'col -bx | bat -l man -p'"

but why would I do that if I can do

function batman -d 'color man(1) with bat(1)' -w man
man $argv | bat -l man -p

The epistemology of software quality
Studies show that human factors most influence the quality of our work. So why do we put so much stake in technical solutions?

this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it


( is super cheap at porkbun but the renew is 30 something)

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I should have a respectable domain at some point I guess

(10 minutes into domain browsing) hmm is cheap rn

vegan trash food 

yayy the Umami Noire burger is back :D gonna order one rn~~~

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