about follow requests, current politics/tech situation, free speech discourse, conservatives get lost 

Hi new people! I'm being extra careful with follow requests at the moment due to a wave of

- fash scum exilees from neolib social media
- kiwifarms/channer infiltrators targeting me personally
- libertarian/free speech techbros enabling the former by federating with them, providing them with server space etc.

which has led to my toots being screenshoted, personal attacks, the whole jazz.

I won't accept your follow req if you don't have pronouns in bio, clear politics, and look like a real person with a history of good interaction. I might not accept your follow req even then if you’re not in a well-moderated instance with clear rules of conduct and a healthy blocklist.

if you want to debate the evils of censorship, kindly go federate with somebody else. Actually if you’re an instance admin do try to debate, this way I know to add your domain to the blocklist.

if you're right-wing and want to organise together against big tech, go suck my nonexistent balls.

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