@owl "public good" is great o/ for many historical reasons I like "the commons" too, as creativecommons ppl noticed before me.

(when we manage to put everything back into the commons where they belong we'll have a system where property is owned in common by the community, a kind of common…na…lism… common-ism…)

@elilla Got any replacement words for "proprietary" that emphasise that it's not public/ours?


@owl "anti-socialist" is one word I'm seeing used for "capitalism" a lot and could work too. it conjures "anti-social" and in doing so restores the point that socialism is supposed to be eusocial (as opposed to "socialism is when the government does everything").

but since "socialist" is a swearword for libertarian techies perhaps a straight "anti-social software" would be better.

artificial scarcity software?

software with government-backed restrictions on distribution?

for services, good ol' walled garden I think

@elilla I found the word anticommons today, but it doesn't mean quite what I thought it would


"black box software" is one I've used a bunch in privacy contexts. if you're talking to somebody who doesn't care about property laws or the commons but who doesn't like being spied on, you can usually connect by saying "yeah in this kind of blackbox software you don't even know what the code is doing, it could be secretly doing _anything_ with your data and nobody knows". (which is true.)

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