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I get the issue with instance blocking means users being quietly cut off from relationships they value. this is bad and shouldn't happen.

but this isn’t really about the blocking, it’s about the quietness and the data loss. instance blocks should be broadcasted on the announcements feature automatically, and additionally users should get notifications like, "bob @ whom you followed has been disconnected because the moderators have blocked" "claire @ who followed you has been blocked along with" etc.

and their entries in the user's list of follows (as accessible via CSV export) shouldn't be deleted, but just marked with an instance-blocked flag.

this way users never lose their data no matter what moderators decide, and an user who disagrees with the decision can move their account to another instance, export/import/browse the csv and preserve their contacts.

re: federation opinions 

@elilla there is *so much* that could be done to improve moderation *dramatically* on here, with relatively little effort, these are great ideas and would help me tremendously as an admin of a small instance.

re: federation opinions 

@elilla @polymerwitch I like this solution, makes sense.

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