things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

there's a lot of crossover, a lot of shared traits, and a lot of individual variation. I think the very diagnoses of "" and "" will probably be reframed totally when these traits and their correlations are better understood. I do ~not~ mean to say that if you don't match these you're not adhd. there's many flavours and types of adhd.

but fwiw, here's stuff that made me self-diag as adhd rather than autistic, until I got the medical diagnosis confirmin it (which, by the way, I don't trust more than the self-diag):

- thriving on novelty and dysfunctional on routine, rather than the opposite

- thriving on improvisation and dysfunctional with plans, rather than the opposite

- thriving on emergencies and unexpected issues and dysfunctional with things going as intended, rather than the opposite

- thriving on abundance of stimuli rather than quietness/peace. deliberately adding stimuli (music, background TV, dancing etc.) to make tasks bearable.

- thriving on broad interests and subject-hopping rather than diving deep on special interests.

- hyperfocus measured in days and with a certain involuntary, compulsive quality to it, rather than longer-lived special interests

- unspoken clues, facial signals, body language etc. missed not due to inability to parse the social signals (I tested it, got NT-avg levels) but because ppl are being boring and I can't pay attention forever

- stimming / fidgeting not to calm down but because brain has disengaged and need to do ~something~ because this is boooring

- rather than wanting people to have a volume button to turn down, wanting people to have a speed button I can turn to 2x

- no meltdowns, but frequent shutoffs

- severe memory issues (may be related to plurality not just adhd)

one trait that is common to both adhd and asd and I don't have at all is sensitivity to noise. in fact my resistance to noise seems above even NT levels. I've met a couple other adhd people here who feel the same way, but it's unusual.

things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla re: noise, I find it interesting that you seem to know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to city noise, and actual silence, even though it doesn't bother you.
Most NTs don't seem understand at all what I mean.

re: things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@owl one thought: I'm a country girl, are the people you talk to raised in cities? the permanoise doesn't make me dysfunction but it's impossible for me not to notice it.

re: things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla I think at least some of them grew up in smaller places. But I don't know what those places are like. I didn't think much about it in Norrland or Iceland because even the "big" (100K-300K people) cities there are pretty quiet, unless you're at The Main Road during rush hour. You hear individual cars come and go instead of constant ambient noise.

things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla For my adhd, the noise sensitivity is inversely proportional to how focused I am. If I'm absorbed in something, I can tune out the most obnoxious noises imaginable, if I'm on a bus or standing in line etc., all noises bother me to some degree. Hearing protector headphones changed my life

things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla About the noise thing, for me personally it's really important what the noise is. I can blast my ears with hard rock music at 180 Dezibels for hours no problem, but if I hear two plates banging together or a lawnmower going about in the neighborhood, I just shrivel up and transform into a corncob

noise sensitivity 

@schratze yeah I'm immune even to noises that bother (otherwise seemingly) neurotypical people. mouth noises? don't even notice'em. construction noises? what constru—oh, those. nails on a chalkboard? sounds fun, let me try. dogs barking late at night? yay puppo! neighbours having a party? I'll be dancing along. distracting noises while working? they only bother in the sense that if the noise is too interesting (like an overheard conversation) butterflybrain will drift away from boring work (but not that the noise is itself a negative emotional affect; rather the opposite, it’s too engaging).

the one sound that actually gets a visceral reaction from me is nail files filing, though this is more of me imagining the files filing my nails, the one sensation that I seem to be irrationally vulnerable to and can't stand, like, at all, despite my love for manicure and frustrated desire to do almond nails. (I've only met 01 other person who felt this way about files and they were adhd too.)

re: things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla Oh wow, lots of those points hit close to home. Thx for that post, that was well worded

things that are more adhd than asd afaik 

@elilla OKalmost all of those describe me perfectly thank you. My noise sensitivity is very low unless I'm trying to sleep usually.

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