I hope my stickers transfer well from work notebook to new one

I mean I have both anarchofriends and trans dates, if there's one thing I'm not lacking on is stickers

but I tend to favour some aesuthethik palettes that most of my friends don’t

otoh exú’s worn-out black plastic vibes will prob not do well with pastel. will likely see myself shift from vaporwave to outrun I guess

duckduckgo how to make a thinkpad look really girly and gay

Step one: install linux
Step two put gay stickers on it
Step three: get a gay wallpaper
Step four: put more gay stickers on it

@elilla get somewhere with nice lighting so it appears pastel and gay i guess.

@nachtpfoetchen my linux already look like this 👇

so what’s inside the screen is soft enough, and I got gay stickers too, the question is how to fit that into exú’s old metal band T-shirt vibes

@elilla woooah thats beautiful and sooo gaaay❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@nachtpfoetchen thank you honey :sparkles_pink: :ablobcatrave: :blobcatfluffowo:

for the record this is my current sticker set at the work computer. the Rojava one kinda doesnt fit but, it's Rojava.

see how it's a bit of a challenge to fit a tp into my vibes? :blobcatgiggle:

@elilla i see i think the top right one can fit good on a black laptpp and may catch your vibe. The others would give a better fit on silver i guess. (Looked for all pastel stickers that i have currently laying around). And a picture of my sticker setup.

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