sillypost, mh/meds 

- trans
- girl
- fashion saccharine girly+scene witchy+slutty
- at nearly 40
- sapphic
- catgirl
- likes own tummy
- crop top + tummy + short-shorts
- made-up fake mental condition (adhd) (not actually fake)
- treated with addictive meds
- made-up fake mental condition (multiple identities) (not actually fake)
- proud, refusing pathologisation despite fitting the dsm-v
- works with it within folk mysticism instead
- socialist
- on expensive smartphone
- acquired for makeup selfies
- anarchist
- utopian
- open borders
- bonafide starbucks basic bitch
- makes french press coffee with the wrong grain size
- and puts sugar on it
- goes to sb for fun*
- vegan
- white witch
- doing tarot
- tiktok is good actually**
- provokes men on clubs then says no
- claims to be possessed, otherkin+religious rolled into one
- religious, not "spiritual agnostic"
- anti-free-speech, wants to censor Linux
- uses "wrong" punctuation***
- latinx immigrant
- who uses the word "latinx"
- on social benefits (soon)
- fantasy > sci-fi
- women, queer, Black fantasy/sci-fi > classics
- actively corrupting the English language
- supports animal rights activism
- including property destruction
- especially property destruction
- into sexualised pop dances

we continue in our journey to be the physical embodiment of everything techbros hate :blobcatfluffowo:

* not during covid
** the creators, the platform is trash
*** on purpose don't tell them sshh

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