will start streaming point&click adventures for the children, starting today or tomorrow probably, at chaos.stream/profile/elilla . can't be any later than 17:30 or so CET, or it gets too late where they live. anybody interested is welcome to watch join the announcements channel, first game will be Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion ^^

ok so it appears that streaming in general is too slow for the rural connection in India to work for us, even at 360p (son: "I got it to work on youtube streaming! once!!"). so I'll try the webcam route with a closed chat group between me and them, I'm sorry about that.

OTOH it feels like a waste now that I set up this whole thing not to use it. is there anybody who wants to see me stream gay story-based games on low-quality resolutions and read them aloud?

@elilla aaah! I had just got in the shower. you're making new plans, it seems?

@cadence yeah I wanted the stream to play with my children but their connection is too unstable for streaming, I'll try other systems with them, but now that I've already setup this I want to do something with it

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