yes I know it’s not as popular as BBSes or Usenet are right now but mark my words, one day there will be more capsules than even gopher servers!!

@rwa no idea, let’s see… Veronica-2 says it covers 6 million selectors but… 338 servers. Wow. Is this correct? That’s a lot less servers than I thought (though the number of selectors is about what I expected – most people are hosting their resources in other people’s servers, I wonder?)

Now I want to up the gemini-to-gopher proxy just so that my silly homepage is 1/339 of the gopherspace.

By contrast, has anywhere between 500 and 750 (750 capsules including virtualhosts, 600 base domains, 500 IPs) serving 200k URLs. So we’re already surpassing gopher in capsules/servers, only need to match it in actual content.

Of course, the actual hot girl thing to do is to proxy all our gopherable gemini stuff to gopher and thereby *save* the gopherspace rather than compete with it it ^.^

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