local estrogen giveaway 

I have a sizeable stock of estrogen spray (Lenzetto) that I won’t need anymore due to switching to injections. would like to give them to transfeminine people in need.

these tend to work better than gel in my experience, and could be used for:

- bumping up your estradiol levels if you can’t have your dose increased
- increasing your E2:E1 ratio if you're on pills
- starting transition safely while on the wait for doctors (though at these doses most people will need some T blocker to see good effects, but it's not nothing)

due to their format and weight (glass spray bottles with liquid) I think it’s better not to send them by post, but if you know who I am and can reach my area I’ll gladly hand them over to you~

local estrogen giveaway 

@elilla Das Glas ist medizinisches Glas und daher sehr hart. Ist mir schon ein paar Mal aus 2 Metern Höhe runtergefallen, nichts passiert. – Das iPhone Glas hat den gleichen Sturz nicht überlebt.

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