fediverse has ruined fantasy games for me forever btw.

I can't see monsters as monsters anymore. I can't bring myself to do anything bad to monsters. whenever there's a monster my thought process is 1) why are they upset, do they have trauma, which needs are not being met here 2) are they looking for cuddle fremds and 3) hmm this one strikes me as having kinks X and Y

@elilla in Hades: You're just doing your job, they're just doing their job, nobody actually gets hurt, you're almost pals with Asterius and would probably be friends with Lernie the Hydra if she could talk, despite you killing her (or her killing you) twice per hour, but since she cannot talk, you don't know if your friend feelings are returned. And your relationship with your dad definitely improved and you now bond with him, despite you killing him (or him killing you) twice per hour. Oh, and your relationship with your girlfriend (who is definitely kinky) progressed so much! Still does not mean she will cut you any slack when she'll be doing her job of trying to kill you, even if she pegged you just 10 minutes ago and will do that again in half an hour.

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