vape silliness failure 

dang! almost. almost but not quite. my e-cig is a tiny little bit too thick to fit this Audrey Hepburn cigarette holder. if I hold it in place to test, it actually works airflow- and coil-triggering–wise.

I wonder if there's an easy way to diy fix this :thinknyan:

diy advice ask 

@elilla Maybe heat it if it is a thermoplastic

re: diy advice ask 

@x44203 it's a very cheap thing and feels brittle or hard, how do I find out if it's thermo

re: diy advice ask 

@elilla Hm, its kinda hard when it doesn't have a marking which polymer it is without damaging it... Like heating it with a lighter and seeing if it bends would work but also would destroy it when it gets too hot (and I usually don't care too much about aesthetics or food safety) so its pretty risky...

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