for those of you who don't know why Germans call capivaras "water piggies"

@elilla it's amazing how they look faster in the water than on land!

@kondziu @behold3r @owl for the record the Tupi name, ka’apy-ûara, translates to "grass-eater", their other major life activity. (same origin as Brazilian Portuguese "capim", grass, bush).

grass-eating water piggy defines 80% of capivara nature, we just need a language to call them the chill animal

@carl @elilla danke, Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, ich lerne aber es ist schwer für mir! Ich bin froh dass ich nah dran war.

@martyn @elilla Uh, sorry... that was supposed to be a pun.
The proper German name for a capybara is "Wasserschwein". The name "Meerschweinchen" is used for a completely different animal, the guinea pig.

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