non-vegan milk mention 

taking a look again at the herb that kickstarted my boob growth (along with licorice + spearmint, all in high-dosage pills): pueraria mirifica. wikipedia has this fun writeup from the 13th century which goes:

> To take the tuberous root of Pueraria with big leaves, pound and blend with cow’s milk. The benefits of this medicine is to support memory, talk big, and be able to remember three books of the astrology, make the skin smooth like six year old kid, live more than 1,000 years and parasite diseases are not able to be of trouble.

other than the memory thing, checks out ✓ (maybe memory would be even worse without it tho, who knows.)

medical warning 

(that combination of herbs got my T down to hundred something, but gave me no E2, and was borking my liver. modern HRT is much more powerful and safe, I was just gatekept from it for unendurable months.)

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