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RIP poor boy who invited me to go to C&A with him ("ah that's nice, I also want to take a quick look...")

findings thread? findings thread!! look at this it's been forever since I find one that fits my huge head, plus it's pink!!!! this one's going into the kink outfit for pride for sure

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nice to see my hypothesis panned out:

if you have low-volume / conical breasts,
and a wide band size,
and your band is due to bone not soft tissue,
and you want to look estrogen-typical,

then use a half-cup push-up with a cup size that fits tight,
and use one or more bra extenders to make the band comfortable.

(btw this is literally the exact opposite of the abrathatfits approach (which is ideal if you have lots of boob mass that you want to support on a band size of soft tissue)).

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it seems that my waist size is quite variable – I keep making new holes on belts, only for them not to be in the right place next time. so I really appreciated it when I found this belt that is 1) white 2) fem 3) punched all around.

finally can wear shorts at my actual waist rather than hips! this has lots of, potential

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this one's fun: it's a summer top, but even thought it's so small, it's a thick and soft fabric resembling a very soft merino. it feels very good to slide a hand over, hint hint (^.~)-*

it also has a delightful amount of sheer but I'm not sure I like how my reduced breasts look in it, might use with a bra anyway not for decency but for shape

@elilla decency is one of the last things that come to my mind (if at all) when i think about you :blobcatgiggle:

love to see indecent trans moms on the timeline :blobcathappy:


@owl @ella you're in the right place :blobcatgiggle:

I mean there's the kink alt but if you don't want outright pornography, this is the tame one. relatively.

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