kink, drugs, mental health, silly 

"don't do bdsm if you have mental health issues" "don't do psychotropics if you're depressed" "don't drink if you're prone to risky behaviour" "don't mix hormones with alcohol" "don't do drugs if you have hallucinations" buddy what the heck kind of life worth living do you even envision for us

kink, drugs, mental health, silly 

@elilla i know this is tagged as silly but I'm just unironically feeling it so much

kink, trauma meta 

@elilla honestly BDSM and exploring kink has been a great way to like. understand why we think the way we do & like what we like. and the way that intersects with trauma helped us figure out a lot

im not sure how to articulate it but theres something to be said about "this experience involving feeling emotionally helpless and restrained was bad- time to get physically restrained in a good way and have fun"

re: kink, trauma meta 

@rats I do a lot of domming and everybody has various mental health issues because, in this economy?, and usually it's not even subtle how the traumas are directly alchemised into kinks.

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