presented in the context of caring for children in nature but this is really applicable to a lot of parenting/caregiving.

a similar kind of specifity is also the solution for "how was your day at school" syndrome.

@elilla oh geez, i was notoriously terrible at how-was-your-day-at-school syndrome as a kid. (still am, kind of.) brb imagining a childhood where my parents had the emotional intelligence back then to pull this off 🤔

@elilla Also step 0 is not saying these in a "can't believe you didn't think of that, wow, so dumb" tone.


Oh my gosh I absolutely HATED being asked "how was your day at school?". My parents could never grasp how obnoxious it was to walk in from this whirling, stressful tornado of an experience and at the moment I am finally free to sit down, process and relax... be IMMEDIATELY asked to do the emotional labor of neatly summarizing and reliving said whirling stress tornado .

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