dang for 35~40€ I get a basket of vegetables _and_ a basket of fruits that will last me 2 weeks, delivered to my door every 2 weeks? and it's all regional products? and you can add regional wine and stuff to it and it's all flagged for veganness??

how did I live in Germany 4 years and never knew of this

which vegetables should I subscribe too, definitly mushrooms

doing groceries is actually a major chore for my disability profile, this is hugely helpful and it isn't even more expensive than what I pay in the nearest supermarkets

vegetables vegetables and fresh fruit and i don't have to do anything~~ <3



you can subscribe to regional wines, but you have to pick up specific wines. there's nothing like the "local vegetables box" where I don't have to choose and they'll just pick up one for me, I'd enjoy that. though I guess at my rates of wine consumption it would be like one bottle every two week tops, I guess winemoms will generally want much bigger packs than that.

delivery rounds on my area will be on Tuesdays, and I can change my cart until the preceding Friday. I like the delayness, the kind of anti-Amazon-ess of this. like I can see myself randomly remembering I need something, then adding it to my cart for the next fortnight, rather than to either a next-day Prime delivery or a shopping list.

and you can mark on calendar the final-day-to-change-cart days and make sure you still want all the stuff you want

now I should actually go to the supermarket or I won't have food for myself and guest today/tomorrow ^^; can I really make it to my stream, haven't even configured OBS in the new system

yeah netflix is good and all but have you ever subscribed to eggplants :blobcatuwu:

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