livetooting my hormone injection <3 

ok everypony who was at my attempted stream, sorry for all that~ and for everybody else: streaming wasn't possible today due to a series of cascading technical problems

so instead I'm going to do it the old-fashioned way! except because I'm alone today, it will be a bit tricker to take photographs. So I'm going to follow a cutie's suggestion and just record the thing ^.^

will take some time to make the recording setup, gather everything, clean surfaces/hand/etc, then record me doing it, minimally edit the video for size and post it here after everything's done \o/

revised SubQ estradiol injection procedure: The Drawing 

1. clean and disinfect surface
2. wash hands
3. open bags of syringe, needles, wipes
4. disinfect hands
5. alcohol wipe scrub æsthetic hormone vial
6. draw my dose (.7ml) of air
7. inject air into the vial
8. invert the moon and pull air+juice mixture till juice >dose
9. tap the bubbles like a hot drug girl
10. push juice back till it =dose
11. turn vial back up, remove needle, recap it
12. pull juice in the needle down into the syringe (with more air)
13. dispose of needle
14. twist on fresh new sharp needle
15. push away air till you see a droplet of juice like a hot drug ggirl

re: revised SubQ estradiol injection procedure: The Drawing 

correction, my dose is .75ml (30mg / 28 days)



ok this was a lot more intense than expected >.>

- dunno if I hit an unlucky spot but the safer subcutaneous method (short needle, 90°, belly) hurt a lot more than the less safe one, which had been basically painless (long needle, shallow angle, thighs)
- also the hole was visible and red, also something I didn't see before. like a tiny droplet of blood
- and the reaction I normally get from any kind of injection (dizyness, sweating, vision blacking), probably psychological/phobia-related, was also a lot stronger. I had to cut the video short and lie down immediately to feel better, something that used to be common but I hadn't needed to do in years. maybe it was just the unexpected pain triggering the old headspace (it's not really that painful, a catgirl was doing much more intense stuff to me this morning, it's just that needles are a special case)
- (then my spirit headmate bade me do something scary and I felt better instantly.)
- sweethearts going to Pride tomorrow – I probably will only be able to in easygoing vibing mode, sorry. will prob go on a simple outfit, maybe arrive late, maybe leave early. will sleep now and hope I recover well.

- no leakage this time, though.
- let's wait and see if the itchy reaction also goes away this way.

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