charging late fees to remake your prescription because you forgot to use it before the 1 week deadline is kind of a petty-cruel thing to do for _adhd medication_ ngl

@elilla oh wow. Also 1 week is such a low deadline o.O here it's 1 month and I'm still sometimes close. Also why charge moneys

@maunzi most medicine is not like that but amphetamines are in the hot girl drug category so you need to be constantly lowkey punished to make up for the fact that the State is feeding your addiction.

@elilla @maunzi life hack: get your prescription one day before you run out and take them directly to the pharmacy


@schratze @maunzi I'm on my last amphetamin rn, problem is the pharmacies often don't have them and need to order for 1-2 days later. I actually use an app to order on the pharmacy at the corner of my house, and put a calendar reminder. and get distracted from it then when I notice it's expired

after going back to find an ATM and in again and paying the adhd tax, I got my drug tickets!! let's see if I can redeem them without a preorder

1 pharmacy was out of drugs, the other refused my prescription due to, I kid you not, *not* *enough* *stamps*

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