if they're called drugstores why do they never have my drugs ;-;

if they're called drugstores why do they never store my drugs

"we don't have it but this other drugstore nearby, they have it in stock rn" there is good in this world ;-;

duckduckgo how 2 hack the database of which apotheken have which drugs in stock

"so what's the family name?"
"X da Y Z"
"so this here?"
"these are all family names?"
"I have to register you here, so these are the family names?"
"all of them?"
(I hand over my gaijin card to help her)
"... and what is the first name?"
"so that's the first name, right?"
"and _all of these_ are last names"
"that would be correct, yes"

turns out they had it.... 1. I need 3.

oh well, guess I'll order at the place near home and travel tomorrow on (pejoratively) _methyl_


was 100% unaware she had a whole unopened box of drugs at home elilla

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