I don't talk too often about this not because it's cringe, I mean look at my (vaguely gestures towards herselves) everything, but rather cos I know how many of you had to deal with toxic positivity. But I feel pretty strongly about this: good things are good actually.

I am an agent of love on earth,
I am of life and not death,
of freedom not walls,
of laugh and joy and song.
That's what this body is made of.

Yes the rot in the field is holy, but only because it brings life, only because of life, for life. Yes death is absolute: so when there's, impossibly, life, this burst of light in the void, I'll dance to her and I'll sing. I am of yes and not no, yes to all this to existence I say: Yes.

This is my credo and my faith: Spirit makes itself animal in order to experience what can only be experienced as animal: not to learn, not to evolve, not to pay for sins, but in order to just vibe.

Bad things are not there as a test or ordeal. Nobody deserves them. It's just misaligned frequencies. We fight, not because anybody told us to, but to get the song vibin'. This world is a paradise. To the extent that it does not look paradisiacal, things are being done wrong, paths are blocked. So we open them, not as a job but in the joy of rebellion. Fascists want us dead. So I'll live to a hundred eight very well lived years and spit on their graves, and when I do it I'll be laughing.

I'm the pretty warrior of love and justice, trans mom 🌙

(cw for photo: eye contact)

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