sometimes I randomly feel the feeling I've felt throughout my adult life, like "it would be so cool to be a trans girl I wish I was trans, trans girls are so cool" and then I remember and get like
"whaaaa (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) "


transmed nonsense 

sometimes transmeds are like, “ all hashtag trueTranssexuals wish they were born cis ” and I'm like girl what the ~fuck~ are you talking about.

I do wish I knew transition is possible and that you don't have to have a "gender identity" before starting transition to benefit from it, you just have to want to transition (transmed discourse, not conservative or terf but specifically transmed, is directly responsible for my lost decades, all those years severely dysphoric and depressedly wishing I was trueTrans so I could transition).

But being cis? Nah fam, all of me is trans and I love the people I am, my cis mirror would be different people, other someones. There's nothing wrong with my body, I mean have you seen this body? :bubbleheart: It is society that is wrong, including the transmed part of it.

re: transmed nonsense 

@elilla I kinda wish I didn't have to go through the process of transition, esp at my age. I wish I could have done it years ago if I had to do it at all.

However, I think is I had grown up a cis woman, I might have ended up a total Karen, and that's something I wouldn't want to be.

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