phew. that was a whole lot of laundry!

now for the,,

illegal black market hormone injections :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_nb: :sparkles_fiery:

injections, medical needles, hrt 

and from today on I won't do a double dose injection anymore 😌 I'm going to do a safe regular 0.375mL/15mg estrogen dose

twice in a row

injections, medical needles, hrt, sexy photos 

I'm too tired and it's too late so I'm just going to repost my Instagram silliness.

(I actually have a needle phobia and this is how my spiritual guide possessing demon taught me to deal with it, but social media'ing can be exhausting too)

injections, medical needles, hrt, downright shameless sexy photos 


injections, medical needles, hrt, downright shameless sexy photos, transmisic violence/brpol disc 

even more otokonokopharma stanning

injections, medical needles, hrt, current method 

# Materials


smol 1ml syringe x2

27G needle (short) ×4

alcohol wipes x6

cute bandaid x2

(sharps) container

# Drawing up the moon

clean and disinfect surface

wash hands

open bags of syringe, needles, wipes

disinfect hands

alcohol wipe scrub æsthetic hormone vial

draw my dose (.375mL x2) of air (40U = 1.5)

inject air into the vial

invert the moon and pull air+girljuice mixture till juice >dose

tap the bubbles like a hot drug girl

push girljuice back till it =dose

turn vial back up, remove needle, recap it

pull juice in the needle down into the syringe (with more air)

dispose of needle

twist on fresh new sharp needle

push away air till you see a droplet ooze like a hot drug girl

# Penetrating (SubQ version)

To avoid leakage/reactions:

do belly not thighs

short thin needle 90° rather than long at shallow angle

wait 3s before pulling out~

if all else fails do intramuscular

Wipe out skin with alcohol (this is useless but everybody does it anyway).

Pinch the skin.

Insert as vertically as you can for the needle length vs. fat layer, ideally 90°. You can go quick & all the way.

Let go of the pinch.

Push (girljuice is thicc, this takes time)

Wait >3s.

Pull out~

Press alcohol wipe for a few seconds.

Cover with cute band-aid (this is also useless but looks cute.)

Dispose of needle.

Take it easy and relax.

injections, medical needles, hrt 

whoa I'm procrastinating a lot, this has nothing to do with having a phobia of needles

injections, medical needles, hrt, very closeup image of needles, lewd? 


injections, medical needles, hrt, image of needle injection, horny 


injections, medical needles, hrt, closeup photo of needle injection, very phobia triggering but I made it be very sexual for me, slut pride 



hrt sexualisation, misogynistic slur reclaiming, catgirl 


hrt sexualisation, phobia meta 

this is the elillastream year 4 and you continue to watch the world's slowest magical girl transformation sequence :sailordab:

hrt as kink as anti-phobia 

@elilla whoa! is it ok to call you a good girl for facing up to that? (asking for a pal)

hrt as kink as anti-phobia 

@elilla what a good girl, taking it all just so~

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