random reminder that the word "youth" which Sappho uses in the "sweet mother I cannot weave" poem _can_ refer to a girl and it's not wrong to translate it that way but was more often used for "boy" and is not really gendered, also Sappho wasn't only into girls and forcing that into the poor dead milf is as much projection as those funny cishet academics who think everybody in history is cishet.

(personally I think the ideal translation here is "cutie")

@elilla I appreciate the need for a word that means what sapphic now means, but I'm so sad that this obvious bisexual ended up being an adjective for wlw-type stuff.

@bright_helpings I mean in my circles "sapphic" means "bisexual but,, girls tho :sparkles_pink: ", which I think is a fair characterisation of the source material and how I describe my own sexual orientation :ms_sapphic_flag:

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