transition+, seminudity 

me: achieves fem bod
me: you know what would look hot in this body? some muscles :artblackcat:

re: transition+, seminudity 

@elilla It's tough to get muscles! Right now I just want to get less belly fat!

body, muscles, fat, meds 

@jenalyze yeah I don't expect to get visible muscles without T, but in my experience if I go back to muay thai my legs and arms will get muscles soon, of the not visible but quite palpable kind.

I don't want to lose any fat tho so I hope I can keep eating enough even with the amphetamines, good thing I love sugar

re: body, muscles, fat, meds 

@elilla Prog seems to work like amps for me for some reason. All sorts of good effects outside of making chest hair grow faster.

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