one thing about being a possessed witch and knowing your glamour is that you look bigger than you are, I mean that's great when I get trans girls who are larger than me in the material plane but want to feel small. but sometimes cuties ascribe to me a respect I just didn't earn, I mean those who know their stuff and look closely past the illusion can see that I'm just fudging and lying and blustering, the stuff of magic.

But like this cutie the other day "can you help me with my hair I don't know what to do" and I start talking with glam fake confidence about conditioning baths and stuff and go let's take a look at this, and brush my fingers through it and it's like whooa, the softest shiniest wisps of perfect purple you can imagine, and why are they asking _me_ have you seen my hair??? then they go yeah but the tips are dry, and sure, they're tips that's what they do, so I teach them about overnight oil baths and vegan shine brushes and just cutting them off, but like, people keep assuming I know what I'm talking about, I'll leave this here I go on intuition, my max stat is charisma. (The fact that I'm correct is another story)

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