against the logic of the guillotine vs. kawaii 

~ arguments against guillotine fantasies ~

- reproducing the systems we oppose infiltrate their logic into our revolution subverts our revolution from the inside. for all the arguments tankies give about the need to stop counter-revolution, in every single case structural oppression _was_ the counter-revolution.

- people don't like feeling guilty, so we end up rationalising the trauma of inflicting violence, now it's normalised, now it's A Thing We Do

- seize everything from rich people = now they aren't richpeople, problem solved.

- prefiguration is the most pragmatic and effective approach, every social revolution was implemented by prefiguration, even capitalists won over nobility/clergy by prefiguring capitalism til it stuck

- Rojava fought friggin ISIS and they do restorative justice and reject death penalty and they ~won~, what's your excuse

- y'all's gonna guillotine the wrong ppl I guarantee it

- the master's tools can't

- only good use of the Ring is to cast it into the fire

- "yes after the Crimethinc article I just can't..." "yes the Crimethinc article" "sigh"
(the Crimethinc article:

~ arguments for guillotine fantasies ~

- this sticker by Gwenpai


more pastel violence, blood 

seriously tho this is amazing art but guillo-chan = Do Not Stan.

now molo-kun and batty-yan are another story altogether :3 :33

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