1/5 videos with eye contact and cleavage. First one has some playful self-sexualisation, but it's really quite silly.

Happy birthday, . 38 years showing to the world that a stateless society is not just possible, but better; that the coloniser's ideas of government are not just destroying the planet, but—unlike what white people made us believe—not at all a necessary evil; just an evil. Here's my lil gift of cumpleaños.

I recorded these small selections a while back and now I'm posting them unedited, reading errors and all. I'm aware that the English rendering is weird; there's semanticised Spanish grammatical gender and transitivised verbs and adaptations. It still can't capture but a tiny taste of the poetry of the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle, practically a song in manifesto format.

This year I got to show off my EZLN tattoos to Chiapas fremds. I'm happy to be the cringiest embarassingest fangirl in the world if that conveys to our compañeroas even a little bit of how much what they built is an inspiration for rebels all over the world. We are all born of the night, and here in this exotic continent of Slumil K'ajxemk'op, I will keep drinking Zapatista coffee to stay woke in the darkness, and for the rest of my life, every time a poor unaware soul asks "what are these tattoos about?", they'll be getting the whole "there won't be death for the flower which is the word"…


and with this 👆 I believe we make good on the promise of explaining the wrist tattoo which we made like 2 months ago ahahah

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