oh yeah yeah NFT I know about it yes I love that, like, "nft add rule inet filter input tcp dport 6667 accept", right? much cleaner than iptables for sure

@elilla Much cleaner, and also atomic - with nft you won’t get half-loaded ruleset due to some parameter errors, which you can get with a sequence of iptables commands.


Ah sorry, missed that thread. For me NFT has only one meaning, and that's the "nft" one ;)

@kravietz @elilla
$ sudo nft list tables
table inet filter
[1] 619100 segmentation fault sudo nft list tables


That's likely due to old nft package, a known problem in Debian. Can be fixed by installing nftables-pk from snap.


@kravietz @astro I only ever use debian stable and never had a segfault from nftables o_o

and my place has stuff on jessie

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