war (two of them), friends 

goes without saying but of course the anarchist resistance in Ukraine supports the hevals in Kurdistan. here's a position statement


re: war, war crimes 

After allying with ISIS (again) for the purposes of ethnic cleansing, Turkey is now resorting to chemical weapons btw. I guess since they're NATO killing brown people it's unworthy of media attention.

re: war, war crimes 

@elilla Literally everything beyond killing more Russian soldiers is unworthy of attention now, it seems. Your posts are super helpful for breaking through the media blackout around Kurdistan though. Found some stuff in English via CodePink and BASNews. Are there any good sites for Rojova news?


Rojava news sources 

@amikigu ANF is the big one, there's ANFenglish and Deutsch. I also like the JXK feeds on twitter/instagram , and @sara_dorsin@twitter.com is being active with news. you can prob find more accounts to follow from there, exercise caution.

if you can understand German check out the podcast some friends put up open.spotify.com/show/40NlJHwq

womensfront.com is another podcast from the folk but they don't seem to be doing news specifically.

Rojava news sources 

@amikigu @elilla is the podcast available outside of spotify?

Rojava news sources 

@fink @amikigu not at the start, but they said they were looking into it

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