posting "punch nazis" on twitter: banned for inciting violence

posting "punch nazis" on mastodon: gaining the respect of the admin


posting "punch nazis" on mastodon:

oh speaking of nazis, they're planning a May 1st demo in Dortmund, 12:00, Hbf. on unrelated news friends are meeting up 11:30 at Wilhelmstr./Ecke Josephstr. check out aa170 or msaDortmund at noblogs for more info, purely for informational purposes.

(people elsewhere in Germany, III. Weg is planning some stuff nationwide, you can check out what's up with your friendly neighborhood antifascists.)

(also remember that hindering nazi demos is now a crime and nobody on mastodon does any crimes, we're all :goodEnby::goodGirl::goodboy:​ and other legal entities. plus this network, like twitter, does not have end-to-end encryption. you wouldn't download a punch nazis)


oh and for people who want to in this moment of *dire* need, someone just informed me there will be another demo on 30.04 12:00 Düsseldorf, also some of the folk will be at the main Dortmund demo on 1.05 16:00, though last I asked it was still unclear if they will march as a bloc. Kurdish demos are going on almost daily, and all over; if you support them it's a great time to get involved, international pressure + awareness makes a difference here.

check out my previous post for news sources on the Kurdish movement

btw the war crimes against the Kurds and Yazidi and their allies (now with more NATO-ISIS collaboration and extra chemical weapons!) are done by NATO to brown people, so supporting them doesn't make you an activist against ethnic genocide, it makes you a potential terrorist. this is the most governamentally persecuted leftist group right now, even including antifa action and ecology struggles. be cautious when interacting with this stuff; tor and end-to-end encryption are your friends, and like the night will embrace and protect you in their darkness.

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