what are your favourite rap / hip hop / spoken word artists, and why?

@elilla Digable Planets will always have a special place in my heart, because it's the first rap CD I got.
At the time I didn't understand all the lyrics, but revisiting them as an adult, they're fantastic.
I was thinking about one of their songs the other day for reasons:

One of them is currently active as Shabazz Palaces which I also love.

@elilla Blue Scholars. Subtle Marxist hiphop from the first city that felt like home. Active during the Bush and Obama adminstrations.
Here's a good track “Fire For The People"

@elilla Jean Grae, she started off as a serious-faced (and 🔥 ) rapper, who turned towards comedic and satirical (and 🔥 ) music.

@elilla lena stoehrfaktor i love her voice and her flow and she's so down to earth and true to herself and an anarchist <3 she raps in german though

@elilla Dua Saleh, sudanese-american rapper from Minneapolis. Heard them on the local radio station, love the vibe.

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