self-sabotage as self-harm? ah no no, it's not about the suffering, I just like sabotage in general so much that I can't resist subverting even my own rules. it's like candy.

this isn't really a joke

@elilla I'm mitigated about self sabotage. Although I have a tendency to it, I am not sure it's morally acceptable to harm a human for the sake of it. This rule applies to every human even myself.

@goodvibes I harm humans for the sake of it all the time and they love me for it. just a matter of consent. if I do a dangerous thing consciously then I'm consenting with myselves about the consequences.

@elilla And consenting to be harmed do not, in general, morally justify to harm.

@elilla It depends on the ability to give an informed consent first. I would say it depend on the degree of harm done and the psychological state of the person

@elilla To take an extreme situation, killing someone in severe depression on his request doesn't seem morally good to me.

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