ok y'all you heard the man. when is each of you doing your 9€ Sylt vacation and what are you planning?

* Loud music on the streets, trains and after 10pm. Boomboxes, street voguing.
* Loud kinky sex after 10pm
* Gay cruising in public spaces
* Antifaschistische Aktion
* Strongly-scented foreign food in containers from home eaten in shared spaces
* shamanic spirit rituals in public places. offerings at crossroads
* Slutty outfits 24/7
* Visibly trans bodies: beach episode special
* smelly incense, patchouli
* Oh no your upper-class neighbourhood has writing in it :(

people who actually want to join this which I actually might for real!!! check out:

communities on telegram, instagram, discord and other stuff linked in the above.

here's how it's shaping up:

- people are planning a 2-weeks event, but the date is still undecided.
- music is intended, but still undecided.
- it has become kind of a thing and mainstream media, corporations etc. are joining in the trend.
- also it looks like the city itself is just running with it and will help with toilets and showers etc.
- there's too much cishet vibes, if gay folk want to snuggle me and gay this place together pls contact so we can plan shared trips.
- it's pleasantly political tho.
- the area is a biodiversity hotspot so all nature-minded folk are prepared to not only be mindful of their own trash but help clean up and protect our nonhuman kin and their homes.
- of course no one of us is thinking about any criminal activities like seedbombing the golf fields with weeds native to the area, that would be a crime.
- how homelessness criminalisation laws work in germany: It is not legal to camp on the beach or random places. but it's legal to sleep on the beach on a tarp or sleeping bag or shoulder of a trans domme.
- also the organisers are planning some sort of collective camp or similar.

also it's not even the first time! here's another time a discount ticket led to us workers mass raiding Sylt (spoiler: cops weren't happy)

@elilla I'm not telling so they can't stop me. I can cosplay very well as a neurotypical wealthy man

@elilla I was going for the crossroad offerings, the writing, and also Dragon Beach Bodies: The Furcon Special

@elilla this motherfucker looks like a goddamn clone of both ben sharpie-ero and charles "wishes-he-was-james-t-" kirk what the fuck how do right wingers all look the fucking same

@Nine @elilla considering their careers are hinged on being bratty children, I kind of picture these guys as trust fund babies treated like blank slates and built from the ground up by powerful people trying to copy the same formula.

That's just speculation, of course

@Nine @elilla The right wing just churns through people at such a high pace, what with the constant corruption and backstabbing and everything, that they gotta resort to clones to keep the machine going

@elilla I’d like to add playing hide and seek in the dunes at night, not because that particularly upsets rich people but because that’s what we did back when I was there on a class trip and that was very fun

@elilla also we should definitely dress like we’re about to go to pride, but with extra sluttiness.

@elilla haha when I heard of this from German people I know, it sounded like it was mainly memes

@elilla ohh I can do "slutty" outfits

Just need someone to sponsor me one (or two) fashionable harnesses :yayblob:

@chumii go at the same time as me and I can make one for you on the spot out of colourful ropes o/

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