it's hippie instagram too? but I thought was hippie twitter? who owns all this and are they going to sell out too? why I don't get results for this hashtag? wait, I don't see all replies to the toots I follow? why is there no quote-retweet? how do I promote my toots to a large audience? wait, when I boost a toot, I'm curating for my whole instance??

A futuristic Mastodon introduction for 2021: Focusing on things that come up frequently and I don’t see explained that often

it's incomplete! at least I updated it once this year! adhd productions™

After some feedback from non-tech users, I updated the Futuristic Mastodon Introduction For 2021: Focusing on Things that Come Up Frequently and I Don’t See Explained That Often.

this thing grew with feedback and currently has a lot of good info but in a kinda convoluted way. I hope it explains things better to newcomers now, despite the excessive number of words. I will think of some way to summarise and shorter things at some point, and leave a tl;dr howto on top.

@elilla wow, this is a very good introduction! thank you for writing this, i definitely need to share this around me :)

@xarvos yes but the futuristic introduction was written for the future year of 2021

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