— I prefer to buy used stuff on the aftermarket, even when it's a bother or not cost-effective, specifically so that the companies making things don't get any profits.

— oh! to reduce incentives on supply chain demands and protect the environment, right?

— yeah that, hahaha

(it's actually out of pure spite)


I think the best way to approach individual ecological action is in a spirit of rebellion, not duty.

like they want you to pay for an entire new thing because a minor piece of your thing broke. that's not just wasteful, it's nonsensical. you know better, your way is just more reasonable. they're trying to control you but you won't bow down to them. so you fix the thing, or you buy plastic-free, or you go vegan, while raising a middle finger and saying "fuck you I won't do what you tell me".

and you know that fixing the thing or buying plastic-free or going vegan won't save the world but you're not doing it to save the world, you're doing it to build up your own revolutionary personality.

@elilla also, learning to fix stuff instead of treating everything like a black box that goes in the trash when you're done

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