which podcasts would you recommed for a 13-year-old who one day ago discovered there's actually excess food and empty apartments enough for everybody and people routinely die of hunger and exposure for no reason, just to appease the 1% who also burn twice as much carbon as the whole 50% poorest, and kid in question is feeling quite, political, about the world they just found themselves living in

also doesn't have to be about the apocalypse, can be just like, gay videogames and stuff. anything a 13-year-old might like. it's just that today's 13-year-olds seem to be a lot more concerned abt the apocalypse than my generation was, haha how curious I wonder why

for the record these were my own recs:

* Srsly Wrong: Interesting political discussions treated in comedy sketches, very engaging and easy to follow.

* Cool People Who Did Cool Stuff: The inspiring lives of our ancestors—anarchists, rebels, guerillas, antifas, queers and weirdos—not just in the big famous struggles but their daily lives.

* Lightspeed Magazine: Regular scifi short stories. Queer-friendly, and puts effort into presenting new/women/queer writers.

* We Will Remember Freedom: Defunct anarchist scifi podcast, got a good half-dozen excellent stories in the log before going dormant.

* Friends at the Table: Still haven't gotten into it but kid likes RPGs and this campaign podcast comes highly recommended by people I trust

@elilla Farm to Taber! A crop scientist named Dr. Sarah Taber is the host. I'm not sure if she's taping at the moment because she's trying to get her book finished, but there's some great material there.

The Balance campaign (2014) of The Adventure Zone contains an apocalypse and is very, very funny. We've met children under 13 who enjoy it. (And many over 30 as well.) CW for swears.

Video Games:

  • Waypoints
  • The Besties
  • Get Played (formerly How did this get Played)


  • The Squirrel Girl Radio Show (Marvel radio drama)
  • Everything is Alive
  • Sawbones
  • Storybreak (it ended, but there are like a trillion episodes)


  • American Hysteria
  • Yo, Is This Racist?
  • Citations Needed

@elilla I don't know I prefer not to think about the apocalypse as much as I can, now I really enjoy Into the Aether, it's a nice videogame podcast, they are LHBT+ friendly, but it's not a big theme that they discuss a lot, and you may want to listen to a couple of episodes yourself just to make sure it's appropriate for them, for a space sci-fi story show I really enjoyed "the strange case of spaceship iris" which is maybe more in the vein of what you're looking for.

@elilla I recently got into Black Autonomy Podcast, by husband and wife elders of the Black liberation movement. Since their whole lives have been spent wrestling with and surviving state-imposed apocalypse, they might be a good listen.

@elilla Engineering and Technical Podcasts that explain the issues less politically.

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