:boosts_ok_gay: has anybody here ever immigrated children into Germany, as a non-EU-citizen? :boosts_ok_gay:

willing to learn anything I can from your experiences! including details on bureaucracy, school etc., cultural experiences, psychological/emotional effects, anything you want to share!

~Köln city info on immigrating children~ 

(I'm guessing my city will be similar)

- Kommunales Integrationszentrum is your first stop for questions; but school assignment is decided by the Schulamt.
- Children without sufficient German are assigned special intensive preparatory classes, at the schools on all years (up to Sek.I).
- When you register the children with the city, you get a letter. This letter will have details for an appointment with the Kommunales Integrationszentrum.
- This will be followed by health exams.
- Meanwhile the Schulamt gets contacted by the KI and picks a school.
- After ~2 weeks you get a letter with their choice.

can't wait to see which little prisons the State will wisely pick for my very own children! >.>

permit A38 for thirld-world children 

ok so:

- to get them into a school, you need the decision of the school office
- to get the stuff with the school office going, you need the integration office
- to get the stuff with the integration office going, you have to register the children with the town hall
- to register the children with the town hall, you need a residence permit
- to get the family reunion residence permit, you need a school certificate for all children of mandatory school age

oh welp what can you do but climb upstairs (drip), it's a destiny you can't avoid in this end of the world (da da da da) we live in. an (absolute) (destiny) (apocalypse) (absolute) (destiny) (apocalypse)

dark humor, bad thought, Ukraine war 

at least there will be an unusually high level of structural support for immigrant children now that the refugees are white hahahahh

also my kids are white and from an Ukrainian family, they'll be classed as good immigrants

then ok, let's try to make appointments... well no telephones pick up, I guess it must be by the online system.

oh the online system is not a thing anymore? judging from this confusing website it must be by email.

ok I have to find my speak partner... there she is, now send emails to various offices... "host Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to poor reputation of a domain used in message transfer" ok [checks] despite me not being in any blocklists, ok good whatever, I'll use gmail,

> vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. In der Zeit vom 14.04.2022 -24.04.2022 bin ich nicht im Dienst.
> Die Nachricht wird nicht weitergeleitet.

dark humor, bad thought, Ukraine war 

@elilla yes so sad. Even refugees get discriminated with skin colour

@elilla ugh probably hammering the telephone is the safest thing. This is so bad.

dark humor, bad thought, Ukraine war 

@elilla yeah, as a white immigrant into Germany (ex-brit, 3 years until passport burning time), I reject the term expat. I'm an immigrant and correct anyone referring to me as an expat. Little actions make people think. I try to make people think.

dark humor, bad thought, Ukraine war 

@elilla yeah, Jugoslavija war, even the Muslims counted as white

took a while until that changed

permit A38 for thirld-world children 


"Einen Antrag auf Erteilung eines Antragformulars..." 🎶

permit A38 for thirld-world children 

@elilla i recently submitted the PDF save of one ireland government site to another as the reason why i need a thing (that i need to already have)

@elilla I could ask a friend who emigrated from overseas if you need more Input.

@elilla boosted all posts that felt relevant, I hope it helps!

cultural stuff Germany 

@elilla hi! I grew up in Germany and I can share some cultural stuff I remember, if it helps.
1) you'll have noticed that by now anyway, Germany is full of bureaucracy. documents, anything official usually needs a form and takes a while to get done. often you'll have to wait a while for documents you might need. one good thing is you can usually get a confirmation that you ordered them or a provisional document for the time being, this can be helpful!

cultural stuff Germany 

2) you'll get by fine in Germany with English, except for school. there may be international schools in the area depending on where you're at, but all elementary schools usually have language support for non-German speakers
3) CASH. you definitely need cash in Germany.
4) best to pre-check if there are any after school support programs for kids in the area, stuff like that tends to have long waiting lists so it's good to get in early

cultural stuff Germany 

5) Germany's school system is essentially three tiered plus some special cases and special ed. after elementary school, kids "pick" whether to go to "Hauptschule", "Realschule", or "Gymnasium". Hauptschule is 5 years (so 9 years total with elementary), Realschule 6 years, and Gymnasium 8 years. in theory is for different kinds of jobs, in reality is unfortunately very classist.

cultural stuff Germany 

@elilla Hauptschule tends to be geared towards manual jobs etc, Realschule works fine for office jobs and jobs that you train for, Gymnasium is for academia. in the most basic terms. there are some combination schools, but those are the three basic types. if you want to go to university, you need a Gymnasium education called Abitur.

cultural stuff Germany 

@elilla if you have any specific questions I may be able to answer them, feel free to reach out! good luck!

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