I'm not the only one who's getting bad vibes over this thing, right? the dismissive way the institutions are treating it? it feels a lot like they handled early COVID, crossed with how they treated HIV.

And it affects children, much worse than COVID in this regard. While being sold as a gay plague. In the time period where groomer discourse. Please let my cassandra powers be wrong for once.

Anyway goverments are a fuck, we are gay we should know better. What do we know about monkeypox so far and what can sluts like me do to avoid killing people?

- Try to convince your DST/PrEP people to give you a vaccine. If you're promiscuous and don't have PrEP yet, now seems like a great time to arrange for that. Then pressure them for a vaccine.

- the vaccine is optimal for prevention but also works post-exposure, if you suspect contact go run after one asap.

- Condoms help but aren't enough for this one. It's still unclear why the majority cases are MLM (reminder that the cistem will often lump transfeminine folk in this category); it could be it transmits more easily on oral/anal sex than other skin contact (anal bottoms are more likely to be symptomatic¹), or just compound effects from promiscuous group settings. But there's plenty of reports also of cis women and cishet men being rejected even from testing even when they are symptomatic and insist on it—we've been there before. Maybe it's a combination of all three factors. In any case we should, sigh, cut down on group scenes (sexual or not, including clubbing) and promiscuity, particularly genital play, until more data comes up.

- In particular keep in mind it's mutated, it's not the regular monkeypox that's been around for ages. Symptoms are different, and there's people were tested via contact tracing who had very few symptoms and wouldn't even have noticed without it.² Be on the lookout for:
* swollen penis
* literal pain in the butt
* throat pain, swollen lymph nodes, difficulty swallowing
* one (1) single sore/rash/blister, rather than the more dramatic busts of a conventional pox.
* muscle pain, general flulike symptoms
* subtle presentation without all the symptoms

- from the novel symptoms it seems likely that symptoms are localised when transmitted sexually.

- If you're going to have sex/cuddle/wrestle with people from your affinity group, maybe tune up the theatrics for full-clothes-on play. USA CDC agrees with this one, reducing skin contact seems worthwhile. fwiw here's a reminder that black nitrile gloves all of look hot, smoothen play, soften nail edges, facilitate cleanup, and lower transmission of stuff like this.

- don't treat it lightly!! some people are having subtle symptoms but others do show the painful scarring lesions, many need hospitalisation, and the death rate is way too high!

- immunocompromised people seem more vulnerable to severe symptoms. also if you have eczema or other skin conditions, you're likely more vulnerable to contagion (I would be careful also of microlesions and complications from full-body razor shaving).

- symptomatic patients contaminate surfaces, especially in contact with the lesion(s), and the virus stays on them for a long time. it's unclear if this is enough for transmission; if so the risk is higher on touching the surfaces on skin lesions and mucosae. the virus is vulnerable to regular disinfection and light (but not to dryness). regular laundry is sufficient, but you want as much laundry isolation as possible if someone is infected. even without a suspicion, it's a good idea to avoid sharing towels and bedsheets etc.

- if you suspect you have it, avoid contact also with other animals, it transmits to nonhumans.


oh yeah, you get some immunity if you've been vaccinated against smallpox as a baby, but in most countries they stopped on the 70s after it was eradicated. I have a scar on my arm but being an 80s kid it must've been the tuberculosis one.

re: monkeypox, doom and hope 

here's some doomscrolling US headlines right now:

- California declares state of emergency of monkeypox
- Illinois, ibid.
- Philly is out of vaccines

here's some positive news: smallpox vaccines as profilaxis in Montreal have worked really well, rates are flattening, 39 breakthrough cases among 15000 vaccinates

I think this is the moment for us to wrestle the system as hard as we can for vaccines, I don't trust the motivations the system has for hoarding. The more the current vaccine piles get into live veins the better.

@elilla the tuberculosis one does leave an impressive scar, yeah.

@bright_helpings @elilla the polio vaccine also did that. my parents both have a scar from that one, cause they used injector guns instead of syringes with needles.

i'm going to guess it was because disposible plastic syringes were either not invented yet or not in popular use.

my mom has talked about cleaning out supply closets at the hospital she worked at, and finding old glass syringes with permanent needles, which had to be sharpened for continued use. that was only ten years ago.


Thanks for taking the time to write all this.

I'm 56 so I may have gotten that. But I'm not sure, and alas my Mom and I are not speaking at present. So I can't call her up and ask her if she remembers. 🙃

@xenophora if you're in your fifties and you have, or for many years had, a visible vaccine mark on your arm, chances are you still have a good degree of immunity for this. play it safe ofc but it's nice to have

Monkeypox, smallpox vaccination 


Was just reading up on this for sake of older relatives, apparently even if you've had the smallpox vaccine you should still get a new one if you're exposed.

A decades-old jab will offer some sort of protection against death, according to "Scientific American", but probably won't prevent infection.


@elilla I've been thinking just the same. Enforced inequality expresses itself the most strongly in these circumstances. Thanks for the information.


@elilla I've been writing about this:

"When the HIV rate among cisgender, hetero women started skyrocketing, many people were truly baffled. Not because scientists didn't know this was possible and highly likely, but because homophobic framing had wrecked our ability to communicate about risk with people."

And we've learned absolutely nothing since it seems.


@elilla Adding:

"Condoms help but aren't enough for this one."

Very much true.

"reducing skin contact seems worthwhile"

Also true, but not enough either.

WHO: "transmission occurs through close proximity or direct physical contact […] respiratory droplets (and possibly short-range aerosols), or contact with contaminated materials"


@elilla I’ve heard it can also spread via coughing/sneezing. This could go very bad, kids definitely are gonna get it and since they’re treating it like it’s solely sexually transmitted when it’s not, right wingers are going to start using it to spread hate. Esp. with the “groomer” misuse

monkeypox vs covid 


> - immunocompromised people seem more vulnerable to severe symptoms.

reminder: everyone who's had covid is now immunocompromised.


@meena @elilla huh, source? (I've never heard this claim before and was unable to find information about it)

re: covid 

@zseri @meena

I think it's still a matter of research. according to this small study, most doctors have been operating under the assumption that long covid is realated to an overactive immune system, but at least one group tried the opposite approach and think the immune system takes a hit for the worse instead:

but it could be that long Covid is just revealing previously undiagnosed immunosupressed conditions:

and this group has been talking about enduring damage to dendritic cells, dunno on what timescale after infection resolves:

@elilla come on bacteria and viruses, we already have a covid to deal with.

At least give us a 2 year cooldown

Wait crap we were already given a 2 year cooldown

Re: monkeypox 

@elilla You're def not the only one feeling this way. @TwinRabbit (on his Twitter account, has been sounding the alarm on how the CDC and journalists are handling monkeypox for a while now. He helped me realize the bullshit going on, and that monkeypox is gonna be a lot more serious than I originally thought.

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