terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

something Polish enby pointed to me:

here's a hate symbol that's popular with the terfs right now. I screenshoted a couple in the wild below; cw for terf speech.

the symbol shows a bathroom-sign adult human male stick figure, holding an umbrella with his adult human female companion. the umbrella and the adult humans are rainbow-coloured, suggesting they're progressive gender-critical radicals who *of course* support cis gays. with the rainbow umbrella they're shielding a child human male and a child human female. (the children are not rainbow-coloured; presumably because children can't be gay.) what the brave adult guardians are protecting the children from is a sleazy, dripping wet, greasy waterfall of trans-flag genderfluid.

this symbol, quite popular right now as an avatar with twitter terfs, is a palette swap of this older homophobic version, which has been for a long time and remains widespread among Eastern European gay-bashing fascists. in the original version the entire family is straight-coloured, and the wet threat is the gay rainbow.

James Somerton has mentioned in a recent video that JKR started liking and boosting homophobic tweets now. So far she hasn't started attacking the cis gays herself, but those of us who followed her fall will remember that the trans hate started like that, with 'accidental' likes on terf poison. No there's likes on anti-gay hate.

groomer discourse is spreading from the US with genocidal overtones, and the tiny minority of cis lesbians who joined in with the right to bash the trannies are already getting their Kristallnacht, of which Roe vs. Wade is but the first salvo. I derive zero pleasure of having been correct on this, and I wish they had understood who was their real enemy rather than doubling down on not wanting to reconsider the disgust they feel about our bodies.

re: terfs and the fash again, silly sad 

Here's a sillytoot I originally wrote a hundred years ago (in 2021):

> The year is 205x. The location of all catboy, possumgirl, and raccoonenby forest communes has been leaked by transmed defectors, as a precondition to join the Terf-Fash Alliance as tradwives. A parting radio transmission by transmed infiltrator Jessica Smith (she/her) to her girlfriend, catgirl diplomat Starlight Arsonist Earthsong (she/her), left us the following words, barely discernible under static and gunshots: "You liked kissing my XY jaws so you'll never be a real lesbian, trender".

> Trans separatists see themselves forced into uneasy collectivisation with the majority-cis Bear/Otter Collective before the onslaughting common enemy. Unnoticed by all, tiny lesbian bunny Laburnum Silflay (she/they) defects alone, convinced she can locate the legendary Butch Horsenomad Tribe and secure a supply line of pregnant mare urine, "plus I mean they're butch horsenomads". That same night, as she stopped for water at a safe distance, Labby lifted her lapping lips from a nameless mountain pool to discover in the pitch-black mirror not just the waving reflection of the bright moon, but the smiling face of a hairy leathertwink…

I want to reinforce to the powers above that this was meant as aburdist comedy not as prophecy :blob_sweat:

re: terfs and the fash again, silly sad 

@elilla this is just cuter Gretchen Falker-Martin's Manhunt

re: terfs and the fash again, silly sad 

@mxmxyz oh looks nice! I didn't know that one, but the hivemind speaks through us all

terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

@elilla @meganeko thank you for this. can I share your screenshots on other platforms for awareness as examples (with/without credit as you prefer)?

re: terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

@maiathecyberwitch @meganeko

yes; please don't credit me on mainstream platforms like twitter or instagram.

re: terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

@elilla @meganeko Thats what I figured, will only share the screenshots themselves with explanations and not screenshots of your text or id if I share on mainstream social media

terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

@elilla apparently children are dogs now. what is it with reactionaries being unable to understand what a consenting human person is?

child non-autonomy, non-personhood, rant--, re: other bad stuff 

@crashglasshouses @elilla It's never been about informed consent, or capacity for it. What children want for themselves doesn't even factor in.

Children can be analogised to dogs because they're both kinds of object that should be seen and not heard. They can't affirm consent, and they can't deny consent, because they're not really people at the end of the day.

What happens to them matters only as far as it affects a real person.

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