my fucking children will start riding a metal ship on the sky to invade this land within 2 hours

get PhD scholarship inside fortress europe

penetrate the border

use public european money to genderswap into hot big boob futa milf

milk student position for vegan food, cheaper train tickets

drop academia

steal jobs

make food with spices in it

convert the noble teutonic warrior sons into submissive catgirls who adore me*

get profiled for being too antifa

look sexy on police profile

don't integrate

convert trans girls internalised self-hate into externalised hatred of capitalism

sing loud music all the time

say good morning to neighbours who never reply

bring my brood in to reverse-settle too


(* they were submissive catgirls all along, I basically wave a bottle of estrogen and a collar on the window and a freshly hatched trans bottom pops up, I love this country.†
(† yes sex is good and all but have you ever been sapphic and routinely got to squish boobs that you sugarmommied into very palpable reality))


psa: this about to become a kidposting feed slash ranting against border cops feed

me insulting nazi packs to their face: :blobcatknife:

me getting detained, threatened or hurt by police: :blobcat_mlem:

me when my kids are at the airport on the other side of the Wall and the border cops are going to decide whether they deserve to be good immigrants and see me or deported straight back: :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats: :blobcatsweats:

I didn't know I had the ability to be this nervous

everything went ok, the package is delivered we are all inside the fortress :blobcatevil:

@elilla Aaack. Only been in that kind of position once, a while back.. not great. *hughughug*

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