After discussing with kid my plans for the goth orchid, she said, "have you seen the goth mushroom? it's very goth too, also there's a pink one and people ship them"

inky caps melt quickly into black goo after picked. you can eat fresh ones when they're white, and there's mention online of using the goo as calligraphy ink. seen a cool few examples including a letter, though I can't find details about how long it stays readable, but it's at least a year still black.

apparently the liquefaction process, besides looking cool as fuck, is meant to spread the spores. I wonder; if you write someone a letter in inky cap goo, can they bury it and get mushrooms? what if I do a big kanji with large fude, will it grow inky caps in the shape of the kanji

Polish enby: "do a big pentagram to spook people when they come out"

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