profilaxis continues to be hard 

- no monkeypox vaccine for me either
- will manage to restart PrEP again, but dunno when yet
- apparently clinic #1 told clinic #2 I don't have enough hepatitis vaccines. wish someone had told me that rather than communicate via doctor4doctor letters that I won't hear about until I randomly visit the other doctor
- also apparently insurance won't cover the second dose of the hepatitis vaccine unless I beg AOK for a permission letter first. which is pretty weird because I didn't pay or ask permission for the first dose. is vaccines like website subscriptions first month free

profilaxis continues to be hard, weird vaccine policies 

sometimes vaccine cost coverage is weird about age here, especially with sti related vaccines, for example hpv for boys/men is free until 18, and cost covered (you buy yourself and get money back later) until 26 (<27 not <=26)


@therealkuu yes I heard that in Germany only young people have sex, but the weird thing is I'm like 40 and I just did the hepatitis vaccine last year, so why is this only now an issue

i have no idea, maybe your doctors could know more? just wanted to point out that insurances tend to be weird around this

@therealkuu the doctor is the one who said they need a letter of authorization from AOK or I have to pay

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