sex vs. boobs 

(me looking at the mirror) "dang boobies are looking really nice these days, round and plump, lil bit swollen even. I wonder what's keeping them filled up like that"

(realising she's woken up today with a lover suckling on each breast, has slept covered in nonbinary cum, and has had more orgasms than meals the past 24h) "ah yes silly me, sometimes I forget it. I'm a succubus"


"I mean that was the first time I had valerian for my sleepy tea but even then, my mix didn't have that effect on anyone else. I was practically falling over on last night's threesome. Like I was physically dizzy, trying to mount them but barely even aware of what was happening..."
"You were getting off on that."
" :BlobCatBlush: "


hormones, sex, silliness 

me: "It _is_ weird, though, two days in a row? I have chronic insomnia, I mean it's actually good that I'm feeling sleepy, but how come... ah, there's one thing that might have reacted with the tea!"

me: "it's waning moon so I'm taking progesterone!"
they, simultaneously: "you're pregnant!"
me: :blobcatthinkOwO:

they: "Your breasts are swollen, you're moody, you have a strange multi-meal hunger even taking the amphetamines, plus you got craves for savoury snacks rather than your usual diet of pure sugar, you're dizzy..."

me: "... and here I though I was the one breeding you. You know, with all the, pound me deeper Mommy kinda stuff."
they: "how the tables have turned."

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