omg this is ~glorious~ I have to show y'all I'm so proud.

observe!! mini pci-express, liberated from the mini-ITX Zotac ID11 by removing the wifi card, now gets this usb3 adaptor...

...which comes with this adaptor that takes the usb3 and converts into a *regular* pci-express x16, plus SATA power...

... which, since pci is lane-compatible, allows me to plug the pci-e x1 to 2x SATA adapter which I reclaimed from the MyBook Duo...

... which by this simple and reliable method allows me to plug a hard disk drive into my pc-compatible home computer.

"I don't want to depend on usb disks anymore, it's too unreliable, I'll build a SATA-based NAS"

The SATA-based NAS:


ok to no one's surprise this didn't really work:

- if I plug in the top SATA slot, boot fails with 8 beeps. isn't 8 beeps for VGA/display problems? :thonking:
- if I plug in only the bottom disk it boots, but disk isn't really visible on Linux.

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