milking the soys 

milk milk milk milk milk
soy soy soy soy soy

haven't updated the capsule in forever, but just did now to update Mommy's Milk with the latest techniques from the Chufa people:

(the web mirror is up too: )

milking the soys 

@elilla uhhh beautiful. how many liters will you get from this? and how will you preserve it?

milking the soys 

@upside_down we did 6 liters in this batch. they keep for a few days in the fridge (adding a dash of lemon zest and a dash of clove helps). with our 4-people vegan household, it'll be gone long before that; 1 litre is already gone and people aren't even cooking with it yet.

you also get a whole bunch of okara from a batch like this.

sadly for soy fetishists like me, soy is a lot of work to milk, cos you need to soak first, then cook, and the grit is messy to clean; almond or nut milk is actually way easier, but every so often I do soy. I especially enjoy adding a few feminising addictives for my Mommy's Milk recipe, except now I'm living with people who are not transfem so I'm doing regular (delicious) soy milk.

this turn I'm trying also soaking-cooking more soys than I need, then storing a bunch in the freezer. dunno if it'll still taste good milked, but you can also use them for cooking (stir-fry with generous spices and it's a delicious snack or topping).

milking the soys 

@elilla “Soy milk!”

“Encantada, soy Lexi!”

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