#hotGirlSummer selfies, close eye contact, it's 32°C today 

also, should have realised this sooner, but the Bananya earrings are a great match for this top

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#hotGirlSummer selfies, eye contact, it's 32°C today 

and I'm repeating the look to go do all-day errands.

I'm a simple girl, over 30º = boobs out. the secret to coping with hot days is to be hotter than the day

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also I really should learn from her friend who let her borrow her obvious fuckflat of an apartment (lesbians courting: "I need to dust and clean up my friend's apartments" "oh I can help you with the dishes or s/t if you want...").

(photos have comments)

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I often listen to lofi and I kinda stopped listening to the predecessor but there are days where the energy just isn't vibes to relax to, and nothing seems to really be a thing.

there is silence and detachment of everyone for everything. the world is about to fall apart, and the solstice herald the time of monsters. a sense of monstrous guilt is upon the land, and out of the abysses between the stars sweeps chill currents that make men shiver in dark and lonely places.

did you know the cherry blossoms are originally white?
and the 22:00 sunset is est... it's aesth...

the sunset is aesthetic

#hotGirlSummer selfies, eye contact, it's 35°C yesterday 

some more takes from the hot day I already miss it. possum enby out with me in the sun 🌞

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girls arrive home at night and steal their lovers' glasses with their boobs, that's a thing we girls do

#hotGirlSummer selfies, eye contact, it's 35°C today 

there's 2 kinds of girls, the ones who go like "omg it's 35°C today", and the ones who go like "omg it's 35°C today"

re: alcohol, beer question 

still I have to admit my favourite kind of beer is like this, with a ton of fruity sweet nonsensw in it, and colours and slices and frilly things, and rum, rum, rum and a rum to match the other 3 rums. also there's no beer in it

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*frida kahlo decór*
*pipe flutes*
*zapatista literature in Spanish*
*high heel gladiators*
*1kg hairmask pots in shower*
*"forgive us the mess"*
*large gold hoop earrings left on my sofa*
*Carmen Maria Machado*

elilla& enveloped in cozy latinitad: *baaassk*

vulgar sex joke 

my host: this one, she'll just sit on your face when you lie down at night

me (internally): ()

q. "but heat is sweaty and stuff how can you like it"

a. this is what I look like walking outside in summer outfits

double eye contact, me hanging out with the girls 


attention: very urgent announcement:

please look at the Shōjo Kakumei Utena fanart that my kid artsied.

thanks for your attention

just a dash of salvia... we don't want to overpower it, but we want to draw up nice thoughts into those verbena dreams...

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all of these smell so good when crushed :blobcatlove:

now chamomile, I mean it's a staple for good reason...

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same day I was asked to do a full moon tarot reading, I was asked for my herbswitch services. been a while! 'tis the season I guess. let's see, this person can't do bitter so no mugwort, also I don't have catnip or valeriana... let's start with some verbena...

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