in related news, a bunch of admirers got the possum maid a maid dress. look at how happy they are in proper gender-affirming attire! they + goblin sure did a throughout affirming of my own gender too :chick_love_blush:

House of the Dragon review 

writing after ep. 5, half of first season:

it's downright sad how good House of the Dragon is, after the complete clusterfuck that was Game of Thrones traumatising away ninety percent of the fandom. the acting is great, costumework are magnificient, castles and scenery and props are much more fantasylike and beautiful than GoT, and while the colour pallete is still bleached and muddy, compared to the GoT we get actual colour now, armours are more over-the-top and so on. the directing and editing are purposeful and artistic, the gratuituous sex and torture porn are gone while still preserving much more nuanced, meaningful treatments of sex and political brutality. most importantly the writing is good; every episode so far has been good to great, if anything the writing is an improvement of Fire & Blood, which was already good. it easily lives up to the promise of the TV title ("House of Cards, but with dragons"); it's the kind of fantasy intrigue where a whole room will gasp in shock at someone's choice of dress colour, because putting up that dress is a declaration of war between dragonriders, i.e. it's my kinda stuff.

my only caveat of the series is that it's so somber and ceremonial all the time (Poor Quentyn of podcast fame has summarised it as "it's about sadness and gender"; so far it's about 100% nonstop sadness and gender). people where spotting a possible cameo of Mushroom in a cutscene, I'm really hoping he's part of the cast at some point.

my only criticism is that the High Valyrian script looks bad, lacks verissimilute, and is aesthetically un-Valyrian. wish they just hired DJP for that. on the other hand I'm still surprised that there is HV in the series at all, and the way it's used to establish kind of an intimacy bubble around Daemon and Rhaenyra makes it plot-relevant as well as beautiful, and I like their pronunciation way more than Clarke's, so my real interest here is still plenty satisfied.

drugs, sweets 

I hope these are one of either and not like, rat poison, cos they had sugar in them therefore I ate a couple. if I'm found foaming at the mouth please tell the doctors I overdosed on "bassin de vichy" pills, I'm putting on lewd lingerie just in case my unconscious body has to be undressed by strangers today

annals of capitalist neopuritanism, continued: this game was banned by Google for this indecent drawing of a female-presenting belly button.

of course the real problem isn't the belly pornography, but the fact that Hook Up: The Game is a melancholic narrative about modern dating life and bullying trauma, from a female PoV, i.e. it's the biggest sexual taboo: female agency. anyone familiar with gatcha games knows that the Google Play Store will happily host games where you undress and squish schoolgirls like "Moe Ninja Girls Sexy School" or "Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha" etc. (actual examples.)

so far nothing new, but what's interesting about this case is that the person doing the censorship let the mask down:

> [Play Store helpdesk drone:] Regarding your concern about escalation, I am the highest form of escalation. Next to me is God. Do you wanna see God?

people online are calling this cringe; as for me, it gives me chills. I have a lot of Christianity-related chills these days.

(game website:
report: )

one last comment on this: Tamamo-no-mae has been fred from her binding rock for less than 6 months and Abe Shinzō and Elizabeth II are dead. I'm just saying

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caffeine sugar industrial sludge 

ahh perfect weather for the ceremonial drink of my people~

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no, thigh people, mommy wouldn't do a proper zettai ryōiki with squish and everything and just leave you hanging

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yay it's basic bitch outfit season!!! :blobcatlove:

look no one ever accused me of subtlety ok

magpie neighbors came have breakfast with us, the couple together in fact. I'm pretty sure they'll nest in the big tree again next spring. I'm happy they are losing the fear of coming into the balcony when humans are in the room; took years for them to feel this brave, and even though they're always around one another, I've never seen them come together before.

nudity, boobs 

once again I am very happy with my frankesteinian violation of the laws of gods and men and the internet shall gaze upon my unnatural works

kid: see? my very long nails painted in enby flag colours allow me to take these Brötchen from the oven without burning my hand

me: wtf my kids are so cool :blob_melt_sob_love:

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I don't have my insta anymore but tradition is tradition

(caffeine in picture)

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one of the happy trans experiences for me is every year when the weather flips and I try clothing pieces I haven't used in a year and they look different with more boob.

(photo not nude but suggestive)

bae told me about Oliwka Brazil, an immigrant on Poland and pop singer whose lyrics excel in overly sexual pornographic vulgarity. moreover, they tell me that using crass words in Polish is not usually a thing; even people doing sexual stuff or artistic performances will switch to English, the native words are too weird and taboo to say out loud. so this girl is a force towards validating slut pride along with revitalising Polish-language pornographic speech, once again I am so proud of my people

(eye contact in photo)

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