girlfriend is making musics :blobcatlove: she made lots of musics today, and other sweetheart made arts, I think they both must be a wizardresses :o

Instagram, relationships- 

like a shark smelling blood the Algorithm has zeroed onto the scent of my breakup and is now being just, too, real.

behold! we goth, eye contact 

removing goth lipstick: great success

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behold! we goth, eye contact 

i think you should hire us. we would go to your daily zoom meetings every day with a different outfit and you have fun stuff to look at

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behold! we goth, eye contact 

would u hire a pastel goth for your company

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behold! we goth, eye contact clip 

is this how u goth

we goth good right

eye contact, adhd 

the time interval between the toot above and this is a typical bout of adhd time dilation x3

but what matters is, my face will be extra soft to kiss snep tomorrow – er, today, I guess – and will look soft on the job interview too, which will surely land me the job. yay for the care I get from my exes! :blobcatlove:

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vape silliness failure 

dang! almost. almost but not quite. my e-cig is a tiny little bit too thick to fit this Audrey Hepburn cigarette holder. if I hold it in place to test, it actually works airflow- and coil-triggering–wise.

I wonder if there's an easy way to diy fix this :thinknyan:

racist/ableist caricatures, channer culture, self-deprecation reclamation kind of deal 

now that the meme is dying I guess most friends won’t know why I metaphorically chuckle every time I’m in Huestr. when I was in Japan my NDS Streetpass greeting was also "br? br? huheuheuhe". so for a bit of Internet history:

few years ago, the channer comic below went viral. it expresses frustration with the behaviour of a certain kind of Brazilian videogame player in online servers all over the world. the frustration is pretty much justified, though the toxicity underlying the caricatures maybe isn’t.

the thing is, the reaction of all Brazilians I know to this was very much universal,

"oh dang are we infamous? are our kids doing this sorta stuff in other people’s games"

"on second thought, yup, of course they are"

"though this thing is, like, it’s kinda _us_, isn’t it"



…and the caricatures from the comic quickly became appropriated as negative-pride memes about our trademark cheating scumbaggery, and the "huehue" keymash laugh got ten times more popular than it already was. The end.

suggestive photo, panties, Pokemon eye contact 

wouldn't be me if I didn't post something spicy on main 😌

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new plushie, human eye contact, intense pokemon eye contact 

we were already feeling attached to Gen _before_ a cute someone told us about how they eat your nightmares, now I need to hug them to sleep like a little lonely girl. no nightmares so far and I want it to stay that way.

re: stream,, heavy themes, alcohol consumption on camera 

my robotgirl darling only killed her like 10 times this playthrough

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stream, relationships, heavy themes, alcohol consumption on camera 

whose brilliant idea was it to stream anyway

I even did another food (vegan, low energy) 

I have potato water
I have a bunch of aging forgot vegetables
vegetable soup

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