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hallo again Mitdeutscher*innen

all you ppl who keep complaining that Brazilian electric showers have no grounding—there you go, grounded. happy now? we can do things by the book too

gf photo, plushie 

I'm happy @enum and Sealette are so close already :blobaww:

gun in photo, reference to violent movie, no violence in photos 

"Don’t you think Lunga went too far?"


alcohol, tobacco, date?, polyam lesbian life, religion 

spent a pleasant date drinking & cuddling with cis ex and giving her advice on how to date a trans girl. I love this kinda energy tbh

we broke out these squeegees to celebrate her yoga teachership and new girlfriend! I also asked her to bring a couple cigs to set up an exú+pombagira offering, finally settling a 20-year-old debt we had with Exú since child self thought it would be a great idea to put out his cigar on his booze x3

objectifying police photo, sex work, police oppression, self-defence violence, Brazilian travestis 

travesti girl crew arrested for beating a john for his money

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photo, trans history, sex work, Brazilian travestis, male nude art 

Andréa de Maio, whom some consider the last of the pimp-protector, crime-boss, dangerous motherly travestis

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more of me being loved by @enum + untagged catgirls 😌

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selfie, eye contact, food shopping 

admittedly, I was a tad little overdressed for grocery shopping :blobcatgiggle: well ppl are boring, somebody has to give them something to look at~

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selfie, strong eye contact, makeup technique 

forgot to mention it but: this trashy mascara is done by combining two types of mascara (a technique I learned from Alexandra Anele, who quickly became my favourite MU youtuber).

Among the cheap vegan mascaras, Essence’s "False Lashes" never did really gave me a truly fakeness vibe. BH’s Stellar Lash is way too subtle for my tastes, but quality; a coat of it before False makes the latter hold much better and preserve more of the curling, going that little bit over the top that mom loves :blobcatgiggle:

(notice I usually only do top lashes – I make mistakes too often on the bottom, plus I'm relying on this golden pencil to open up eyes a bit)

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... but being able to pull off this fake doll look? worth it :sparkles_fiery:

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hair styling 

after all that work to bleach these, it feels like such a shame to cut off some of it...

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selfie, outfit of the day, makeup 

a closer look at the day's makeup. I'm combining a very rosy blush with sparkly highlighter on the estrogen mounds, otherwise it's just BB+concealer. I'm really vibing with gold tightliner on the lower lid, these vegan pencils from BH are great and don't wear off.

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selfie, outfit of the day, hair styling 

I wanted to use my hair clips. but I wanted loose mid-parted, with as many bangs as doable. clips would clear some forehead and I didn't want that.

then all of a sudden it struck me :blobcatgiggle: I'm guessing this will be my style from now on

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selfie, eye contact, outfit of the day 

Peer Gynt posters keep being selfie opportunities :blobcatthinksmart:

polyamory sillypost 

yes I overuse this meme for polyam, but on the one hand, I'm massaging a catgirl. while on the other hand, I'm massaging a catgirl. I have one catgirl on each ylang-ylang–oiled hand, come on I can't not post about it

boobs on main, nonsexual nudity, abstract mention of sex, meds, dysphoria (lack thereof), random pride moment 

breasts I grew myself, freshly blasted with lasers, still lathered with burn ointment. breasts that lost a cup due to bad nutrition induced by psychiatric medication, simultaneously low volume and kind of sagging. breasts that are too separated in a chest too wide, according to normative expectations of cis bodies. breasts still marked from rough, kinky, promiscuous, lovingly queer sex.

small black hairs all over body. aging skin. beard stubble showing, unshaved. eyebrows undone in ages, nails likewise.

traces of yesterday's makeup, bleached hair obviously artificial, texture ruined forever, roots showing. spotty skincare. makeshift side crop. receding hairline.

my late-transitioning face. my inability to earn enough money to redo my face.

there's so many things that bother me often about my body, about myself. but today somehow none of it bothers me. today I'm just aware of being some queer and I'm just happy with the body I am, with the body I make, I am just happy with who I am.

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