vegan food, cooking 

was a bit of an experiment but celery stir-fried with chilli as the oil flavouring works really well

"hmm so we need to add cgroup_enable=memory to the commandline.txt to use lxc. let's add a kernel parameter, what's the worst that could happen"

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probably shouldn't have spent so much time on this but,

a bash prompt with useful information that you can just drop anywhere* and run without any configurations or setups. for when you're ssh-hopping through VMs and OpenWRTs and whatnot.

kudos to my headmate who did most of the work. I like the thing where the hostname and username get stable colours picked for you

*only tested in recent-ish linuxes/bashes.

will add rspamd just to be extra sure but emails should arrive now, if on spam folders.

thanks snep for helping fix up the dns

@ella @lila @erin

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overworked selfie, eye contact 

anyway that was the day and now it's 3h later so I'm almost home!

sorry got distracted trying to sysadmin trans mom dot love mid-train trip, where was I? oh yes working more overtime than I'm allowed to

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too tired for social media so I'll post today stories from instagram 


: if you water your planties every day ¹ they get healthy and even put out flowers!! :surprised_pikachu:

note 1: not all planties like being watered every day be sure to talk with each plantie regarding consent


if you're missing the trans flag pendant, I'm keeping it off until her tattoo heals.

all in all a pretty nice outfit for in-person server maintenance day I'd say

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eye contact in selfie 

this is not a joke btw, it's literally my real life. hosting catgirls from 2 different cities this week~

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spanking fetish historical photo, booby tattoed futch, eye contact partial nudity suggestive themes 

this is the kind of thing that girls I barely know randomly forward me on insta. they think I'm that easy to understand, but they're completely right. I'm really that easy to understand and this is exactly what I want to wake up to, I feel flattered girls associate the stuff with me :blobcatlove:

was so happy that she finally had legitimate reason to buy DM tattoo salve but inexplicably bought scar treatment instead elilla

they don't even look alike :thounking:

new tattoo, seminudity, :boosts_ok_gay: 

when I started passing as cis, I experienced social acceptance for my gender expression for the first time. "_now_ you can wear makeup". as long as I stay stealth, as long as they don't know I'm trans. (Julia Serano's term for "passing" is "conditional cis privilege").

so I started wearing trans pride symbols 24/7, but it quickly become clear that most cis folk don't know these yet. the only thing that would be clear enough would be the word "transgender" spelled out, tattooed in some very visible place. but I couldn't quite make up my mind about where. till I saw @dancebriadance's awesome collection of hand-poked tats, and looking at their hand, it dawned on me...

dyke march experience, eye contact selfie 

at least one asshole pointed at us to laugh, which gave me the opportunity to already make use of my new tattoo

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dyke march experience 

it was really cool how they made sure to acknowledge trans and queer folks, thank our ancestors, open up the march with nb songs, take a stand for trans self-identity law etc.

tho I found it amusing that when we offered to hold up a banner no one else would, it was for this group advertised as "for lesbian women between 20 and 35" (this banner was held by one lesbian, two bi and one pan person, several of whom with queer gender identities)

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