ok going to go with forget.codl.fr, so starting tomorrow all toots here will be slowly deleted x3 account is staying up as admin but won't be checking often, ping me on matrix/telegram/signal if you need a block or s/t!

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@backspace @Stoori @nikita thanks everyone! I pulled the latest glitch-soc but it seems like they didn't merge in the timed deletions yet, so I guess I'll run forget.codl even though they say it's not meant for batch deletes o/

my archive is ready but _how_ does one delete all toots while keeping the account on :thounking:

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hi, it's us. for safety reasons we're going to delete most of our internet stuff. this account is staying up but not the toots. people who want to chat please do so over secure channels. thanks for your support o/

and with this 👆 I believe we make good on the promise of explaining the wrist tattoo which we made like 2 months ago ahahah

and with this 👆 I believe we make good on the promise of explaining the wrist tattoo which we made like 2 months ago ahahah

status update, mental health, relationships, porn (absence of), eye contact in selfie 


conflicts vs. the world, eye contact in selfie 

some of my Instagram material re: been a mood for a week. wrote these after 2 conflict-y plenums back-to-back.

8th Duel commentary, Utena S01E12 spoilers 

Why we fight? Utena says she wants to care for Anthy better than Tōga ever would. She came for her "friendship", for Anthy, maybe. But Tōga replies, oh, so you want to regain your own self. Utena doesn't deny that, and in fact claims later that she wants to recover, literally, "what had been for me the normal"(rendered on the subs as "to take back my life"),

Tōga orders Anthy to "throw away her body", and extends the Sword of the Patriarch-God. Anthy kneels before the elegant longsword and brings her mouth to it; Utena can't bear to watch. But her body seems unharmed, maybe. Tōga holds upright the Sword, both sparkling gleefully.

Even in her private thoughts, Anthy refers to whoever is the current Owner of the Bride with the honorific of submission, as Master or Mistress. She won't drop the sarcastic "sempai" she has weaponised before, though; she uses the family name with polite distancing.

Duels are a game, ended when you slash a duelist's rose; but Nanami wanted to straight out murder Utena (or at least Nanami thought she did). Anthy can't understand why Utena is risking herself like this. But for all the talk of danger, Tōga seems content to show his prowess by slashing Utena's clothes, exposing her further with each stroke. She seems unharmed, maybe.

Anthy recognises the image of the Prince incarnate in Utena again. In a close repeat of the 1st Duel, again Utena's sword is broken and nearly useless, again she's almost defeated, again all seems hopeless, again she's facing the Sword of Dios Itself, this time engorged full bloom in the hands of a master. And again Utena somehow wins, without understanding herself what she's doing. What is this princely strenght that Utena draws upon? Anthy and Tōga are both exceedingly knowledgeable about this whole system, but both of them are shocked into silence by this.

There's one difference this time: Rather than directly defeating the enemy, what the princely power does is to release the Rose Bride coating from the Sword of Dios. When that happens, Anthy sheds tears.

Anthy repeats the exact same contract of submission as when Utena first won her, as if they hadn't been living together for so long. Utena narrows her eyes and cuts her off, addressing her Bride with pointed familiarity. Then she smiles. Anthy takes this in for a second, then returns the same smile. Utena has saved the damsel from the bad man. Utena has taken back her normalcy. Now she can have all those intimate moments again, just like before. Everything is healed. Everything is fine.

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the problem with hair styles like this is the lack of picrew representation

expectation: we are going to arrive home at 15:00 and do all that urgent stuff for tomorrow

reality: we are going to arrive home at 18:00 and do excessively high-quality poetic translations of very obscure Utena lyrics

mental remark: when staying overnight in a place close by expecting a quick trip back home, prepare to stay 2~3 days with more layers doing long-distance trains

Everyone at this server @ella @lila @erin @mirrorwitch : I can't keep up rn, please be careful and harden your accounts. Feel free to go admin and instance block liberally. I'll be back in a few hours and catch up with fediblock.

tryin to figure out how to explain to kids that my day started with marching against nazis and ended with me 5am crossing Germany impromptu to a place I don't know, chugging along a large tupperware full of water soaking canjica corn, while frenetically blocking teenage trolls from fash instances

other users with admin access on this server, please feel free to block the ones I didn't o/

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- in train stuck
- 4am
- after personal group setting gone bad
- after pol thing gone bad
- didn't bring my notebook
- cellphone broke
- way too much stuff to for work tomorrow
- and on the train playing whack-a-mole with fash harassment campaign to protect me + my users from who know what

what a Saturday huh captain

If you could potentially be harmed or triggered in any way by images of violence and gore linked with the attacks on NB and trans fedi folk right now, I highly suggest you temporarily turn off notifications and DMs from people you don't follow. You can find these settings in your preferences under notifications at the very bottom.

Stay safe.

was at redbubble looking for religious iconography when I found MakeItGayer's art and I was at the fave button like :ablobcatbongo:

look at this motherloving Oshun sailor warrior!!!

and actual sailors too, look at this Saturn omg

what about Sheeva On A Suit! It's Sheeva!! but on a suit!!!!

and also signs, look at their representation of Libra, as a libraest Taurus-asc Libra: Can confirm (Taurus is also ~on spot~)

(context in captions)


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